Suggestions for the 51st state

D.C and the surrounding counties of Maryland and Virginia should be one state. Marylanders and Virginians in those areas are always complaining about being ignored by the rest of the state. Same thing with NYC. Just take the parts of NY, NJ and Connecticut that it dominates and make it it’s own state.

Make Canada into a state, eh? Not if we take you over first…

[SUB]What? Do you really think we just sit in our igloos and drink Tim Horton’s coffee all the time? Heck, no! We’re out to take over the planet.

But don’t worry…

It will be the most polite and unhostile takeover in the history of the world…[/SUB]

There was a serious exploration about 30 years ago about NYC seceding from NY state. The upstate area would be screwed if this happened, the NYC area pays a lot more in taxes than it receives - all those Wall Street bucks. I don’t recall which, if any, suburban counties were going along.

Uh, **Kybrdbrkn **, isn’t Tim Horton’s owned by a US company? I think Wendy’s owns it, eh? :rolleyes:

I have always been an advocate of the secession of Long Island from New York. We are completely different from the rest of the state. Although I am a Democrat, I think the Republicans deserve a stronghold up in the North. Long Island would be perfect for it. Rhode Island also needs some competition for the smallest state. I’m sure New York City would want to join Long Island, though the name is slightly confusing. Vote for me in 2060 for Long Island governor.

I gotta say it is high time Puerto Rico joined the US as a full-fledged state, though that is possibly because I am unaware of the motivation for not becoming one.

Cuba: there was serious attempt at this before the Civil War. But now without that pesky slavery issue in the way, it can finally be ours!

From The Onion:

"Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Bora Bora, Samoa, Philippines, Japan Granted U.S. Statehood

Resource rich territories to become 49th through 55th states"

I believe it’s because they don’t pay taxes right now.


That’s all.

Makes sense to me, although there’s got to be a better name. Daleyland?
A friend of mine used to refer to Milwaukee as “Chicago’s largest suburb”.
I once wrote a story set in the indefinite future which included a passing reference to the University of Chicago at Milwaukee.

Heh, I once made a cyberpunk genre RPG in which Chicago had sprawled out and included Milwaukee and Gary in it :slight_smile: Must be a common theme.

This will answer the question about eliminating the tollway system and using state taxes to support it without pissing off everyone south of I-80. Another vote for Daleyland.

Puertorricans pay state taxes and Social Security. One of the most important reasons politicians say we should become a state is that your government would give us more money (welfare, Medicaid). Do I believe there are better reasons to become a state? I don’t know, I think there should be, but that is what the politicians say to get the vote of the people.

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IIRC, the US drug companies (and maybe other US corporations) would very much like PR to never become a State because they get substantial tax breaks from their facilites in PR. That was the situation some years ago, though I’m not sure if that’s changed.
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It has changed, many of the tax breaks were abolished, and now companies are closing and leaving the island.

Sounded good until I got to the part about President Quayle.

Thanks, Karl – I wasn’t aware of that. I appreciate the new knowledge :smiley:


Ireland please, one is quite willing to seceed from the EU to avoid the Strasbourg parliment and it’s eurocrats.
We could bring the secret of making proper whiskey & stout as a dowrey. :slight_smile:

I’ve always wanted to buy a big chunk of Canada and call it my own. Perhaps I could eventually do some deal with the US and make it a state. The name? Oh I don’t know, how about Perezoso? I think it has a nice ring to it…

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