Hey, it's February Already. Anyone discussed Doper Valentines?

Last year some of us who were starved for mail (or who loved the holiday) signed up for sending Valentines to one another.

Has that been discussed yet? Anyone up for it? It requires that you be willing to let your address go to an entire list of fellow Doper mail enthusiasts.

It also requires that someone volunteer to set this up, and do so on short notice–I can’t.

Considering that this would be my best (and probably only) chance to get a Valentine, I’d be willing to participate. I even have stamps!

But, alas, like Cranky I can’t organize it.

I’d be up for it, too. I loved this the last two years! I just have no organizational skills whatsoever.

I’d send one to Guin, but I doubt she’d give out her address.

i was thinking the same thing. it was a lot of fun last year.

You, my friend, deserve the biggest honkin’ Valentine EVER for the wonderful Secret Santa package that came a week ago!!!

I’ll organize it. Email me by midnight Friday at twickster47@yahoo.com – I’ll email assignments Saturday morning.

and twickster steps up to the plate… grand slam!!!

way to go!

PS: Put “Doper Valentines” in the message line, your user name, and your real name and address. (One Mississippi, two Mississippi…is the 60 seconds up yet? When will I learn to preview when I’m being impetuous?)

International airmail should be there by Friday if you mail Monday, right? Is there any reason to limit assignments to people from the same country? I think it’d be fun to hear from someone in a way different time zone…

Damn, damn, damn – that should be twickster47@yahoo.com – mods, could you fix? Thanks.

Will someone send me a Valentinte if I give out my Address?

Ryan, the way it works is that twickster will gather all the addresses and send them out to those of us that are interested. Then you get Valentines from everyone.

twickster, I’m getting ready to send mine out in a few minutes. I’m definitely interested in this.

I’m in!

Sent it to ya Twickster, got a message as well.


Oh, why not. If I get one valentine this year, I’ll do better than I usually did in high school. I warn whoever gets me and whoever I get that I am singularly cursed when it comes to Valentine’s Day.


Question: Is this going to be like the Doper Valentine’s of past years, where we get many names and send valentine’s out to the whole list, or is it going to be a one on one thing? I, personally, like the many thing. In years past, it’s been more sending the type of valentine’s you’d do in elementary school… some people [sub]coughcoughmrblue92coughcough[/sub] would even send little poems out with theirs.

It’s a fairly inexpensive way to make sure that everyone gets lots of mail in their box. I think I’ve spent a total of $6, $7 in years past. And when the list has been too big, it’s been split in two.

Yup, I’ve already been advised that everyone will get the whole list, so that’s what I was planning to do. Sounds like MUCH more fun – if you get a box at the dollar store, the big expense will be stamps.

Let’s try to keep this on the first page without any ostentatious bumping, shall we?

“Whee! Sounds like fun!”

I’m in.
Last year it was nice to get cards and it really brightened my week since when I sent out my cards I did it from my sons hospital room.
It gave me something to focus on and my husband brought my mail up to the hospital to me and the third shift nurse thought it was the neatest thing.

Did we ever figure out what the poems and numbers were for? I’ve been wondering about that.

Look, that dollar store crap might be fine for all the other Dopers to whom you’re sending cards, but I hope the one you send me will be full-price or painstakingly handmade. You might even think of tucking some money inside.

Last year I sent one numbered couplet from a poem to each of the 22 or so people, hoping that everyone would put them together.

Apparently my estimates of the organizational abilities of the Teeming Millions were way off base. :wink:

This year, though, I’m going to … to … do something. Dunno what yet.