Hey, I've been Membered!

Thanks to whoever anonymously paid for my Membership. I have no idea when you did it; I just noticed it! :smiley:

congrats!! :slight_smile:

Better membered than dismembered, I always say.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person, present company excluded. :wink:

Maybe the anonymous donor said to themself, “Hmm, should WhyNot be a member? Why not?”


It’s only good for nine months, though. Try - just *try *to re-member this guy in September.

Our blessings on your member.

I noticed it in the ATMB thread “How do you rationalize not becoming a member of SDMB?” - you were talking about not being a member with Member under your name and I found it amusing. So … guess it happened a bit over 2 weeks ago, if that thread was the trigger for the anonymous benefactor.

Ah-HA! So I’m only half as clueless as I feared. I wasn’t on a computer at all last week; I was using my cellphone to read and post. So I didn’t miss “Member” last week - I couldn’t see it! I have no excuse if it was changed prior to Dec 27, though. Days before that, if it was there, I just didn’t see it.

It was actually my Location being displayed that I noticed. It was from a long, long time ago in a galaxy far far away, when many of the board’s Obama supporters made some play on “Obama” in our Location tags as a sign of support and cliquish fun. So, um, updated that now!

You’ve never said that in your life, twickster.

Being membered sounds very patriarchal.

One of these days I’m going to pay for a Texas mission’s dues.

So I can, you know, member the Alamo.