Hey, Jacksonville (and vicinity) Dopers - Meet and greet Cecil...

Cecil the Bear, that is. He arrived at FairyChatLand today, and the Perfect Child[sup]TM[/sup], FairyChatMoose, and I will be escorting him out and about on photo ops this weekend. Naturally, we’ll have to go to the Landing, and we’ll be going to Green Cove Springs to see the spring. I’d like to give him his first peek at the Atlantic Ocean, and he’ll be going roller skating.

I’d love to get pics with any local or semi-local Dopers. I’ll even head partway to Orlando if some of youse folks would like to meet the entourage. Labor Day weekend won’t work, since hubby is coming home for a conjugal visit, but the weekend after is a possibility if enough folks are interested. Otherwise, I’ll be sending him on his way post-haste.

So post here or e-mail me. Let’s show this bear how Floridians party!!!
[sub]hmmm, mebbe I should take him to the in-laws’ retirement community in Ocala - THAT’S where Floridians party - over the early-bird specials!![/sub] :smiley:

Man thats just downright cold.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Cool!!!

I’m on the list somewhere. Save someone the postage and pass him off to me for a quick one-day spin around DisneyWorld and Universal Studios!!! At least I would have an excuse to buy the on-ride photos.

I live like 20 minutes away from that place and i think i missed him

20 minutes away from where?? Are you a Jax area Doper?? Then you’ve missed nothing - Cecil just got here.

SCREECH, Cecil would love to see you and Orlando. The only problem is that Cecil’s next stop is drum roll . . . Australia! So the person having him last in Florida, be that you or La FCM, must post his furry butt half-way around the world. Now, I’m willing to send the victi-- er, volunteer, a check to hopefully cover most of the postage, but she will still have to make sure he is properly packaged, addressed, and posted Down Under. Still innerested? No penalty if you’d rather not; FAIRYCHATMOM can do it. Let me know.

And I’m going to break my own personal rule and post an e-mail without permission from the author – TheLoadedDog, whom I hope and trust will not mind. But I just think this is so cool. This is Cecil’s projected Aussie itinerary (in TLD’s words):

"The first Doper (your ex-USA address) is Goo, [who lives in Woy Woy]. Woy Woy is a picturesque fishing / tourism town about an hour’s drive north of Sydney. I’m trying to work it so that Goo can also take Cecil with her when she goes to Wagga Wagga, which is a large country town in South Western New South WalesShe’ll be able to get some “typical” Australian photos of him if she can take him there. Standing next to ‘Kangaroos Next 5Km’ signs, etc. :slight_smile:

"After that, he’ll be heading south to the wintery state of Victoria, where he’ll stay in the small, historic town of Eaglehawk with tigergirl. Next stop is the Victorian capital city of Melbourne, to be hosted by the one and only leechbabe. I’m led to believe there’s the distinct possibility of a Melbourne Cecilfest.

"Back on the plane for a couple of hours to sunny, subtropical Queensland, where he’ll stay in the suburbs of Brisbane with wyldelf. I’m still chasing up princhester who also lives is Queensland, but hasn’t responded to email yet. Wyldelf will attempt to track town the elusive dpr for some photos with CtB in Brisbane.

“After that, unless there are more last minute entrants, Cecil will come to Sydney to stay with me. A Sydney CecilDope is on the cards too!”
Is that cool, or what? :slight_smile:

hmmmm - wonder if I can fit in the box with him - his adventures on the other side of the world sound wonderful!

C’mon northeast FL/southeast GA dopers - can we make a to-do over this or is Cecil destined to hang with me, Miss Moose, and my kid the whole time? You know you want to!!!

OK, semi-gelled plans:

Friday evening, Cecil and Miss Moose will go to the roller rink where the Perfect Child[sup]TM[/sup] works for some skating, some rockwall climbing, and perhaps a turn in the DJ booth.

Saturday morning, I’m thinking St. Augustine - CtB and FCM in the nation’s self-designated “Oldest City.” We’ll also swing by historic Green Cove Springs and take the waters - or at least take some pictures.

Saturday evening - the Jacksonville Landing for dinner and some boat watching. Then we’ll cross the river to the Southbank Riverwalk - I haven’t been there in a while so it’ll be an adventure all around.

Sunday - screech-owl - would you be up for a meeting and a transfer of bear? If not this weekend, poor Cecil will have to hang around my house until Sep 7 or 8, since Labor Day weekend is already spoken for.

So, Florida’s First Coasters, care to connect?

Sure! Sunday sounds great!!! Where abouts do you wanna meet and when on Sunday (8/25, correct?)? (We could get Cecil’s fortune told in Cassadaga.)

Cthulu will have such a wonderful time at the parks with Cecil…

I would be happy to take care of the postage and mailing to Australia. From Yeehaw (Junction) to Woy Woy. Whatta trip.

OK, screech-owl - I’ll meet ya on e-mail to orchestrate the transfer of custody (dang - sounds like a prisoner exchange!!!) - yes, this Sunday, Aug 25.

Well I’ll be in the Jacksonville area on Sat night, well I can be if I want to stick around. I’ll be up for some dinner, if you don’t mind a stinky biker for dinner that is.

Nah - I don’t mind a stinky biker - I’m married to a some-time stinky biker! Drop me an e-mail and we can set something up.

And the transfer of custody of CtB will take place on Sunday at Marineland of Florida - anyone interested in joining screech-owl and me would be most welcome! My e-mail addy is fairychatmom@yahoo.com - just let me know!

Sounds like a great plan! SCREECH, if you’re willing show da Bear around and then send him to Australia, that’s fine with me – and thanks. But please e-mail me your IRL name and addy so that I know where Bear is and so I can send you a check to cover postage. Also, if you would drop a couple more disposable cameras in the box, I’ll include some $$ to cover that in the check as well. As usual, all personal info held in strictest confidence. Have a great time! :slight_smile:

Update on the Australian Tour.

If you’ve had your maps out, you will have noticed that Cecil has been sticking to the eastern states. One of our Aussie Dopers, LeeJam has come to the rescue at the last minute to remedy this, and CtB will now be crossing a couple of thousand miles of desert, and two time zones, to the Western Australian capital city of Perth (the most isolated capital city in the world, IIRC - making him well and truly “not in Kansas anymore”).
[sub]Jodi, check your email for the latest address.[/sub]

I don’t want to cut the Florida dopers’ fun short, and I haven’t given the Aussies definite times yet, so it’s entirely up to you Merkins whether you want to post him down here ASAP, or hang on to him a bit longer so more of you can get in on the fun. No skin off my nose either way. You guys work it out, and Jodi can let me know.

Don’t worry about cutting my time with CtB short - I was hard-pressed to come up with more than 2 photo ops. Jacksonville is BORING!!! Hey, wait - I forgot about the Mayport ferry - wonder if I can wedge a trip there into the schedule… no prob!

screech-owl, otoh, lives in the happenin’ part of the Sunshine State. She and our intrepid furry traveler can party large!

I can’t believe I haven’t heard from any locals - I know there are a couple. Wish I could remember who they are… Oh well, the Perfect Child[sup]TM[/sup] and I will have quality mother/daughter time as we escort Cecil and FairyChatMoose around northeast Florida.

Why not had CtB off to me for the day on Sat and I’ll take him to some intersting places. I plan on visiting St Augistine, the intracostal waterway and he can take a ride on a motorcycle! I’m hoping to hit the Jacksonville area around noon or so I guess as I’ll be stopping off GA for a bit. I’m also sending an e-mail off soon FCM.

No no no! You can’t take him - I’m going to St. Aug on Sat morning! And Green Cove, and maybe even Penney Farms. Then back to the Landing for dinner. I’ll meet you there and do the tourist thing if you’d like, but I’m not surrendering Cecil to you - you can’t make me!!!


No, I don’t think I’m overreacting…

I sent my e-mail out FCM. I’ll be leaving tomorrow around 3 so let me know what’s going on before noon or so tomorrow.

Edward The Head, I sent info and directions to you. Last chance for any others: I’ll be at the Jacksonville Landing about 6:30 this evening with Cecil and FairyChatMoose.

Jodi, I’m going to be taking Polaroids since I’m a crappy photographer and I’d hate to snap a bunch of photos of my fingers or the inside of my purse. I’ll scan 'em and e-mail them to you when the weekend is over. That way, I can pass the remaining two cameras to screech-owl on Sunday.

This is gonna be fun!