Hey jarbabyj...

Just curious, jarbaby,

Did you ever do the “Tub full o’ Tabasco” experiment?

I love Tabasco. I just had some in my soup, while cruising the boards and it brought your experiment to mind. :smiley:

[Homer Simpson] Mmmmm, Tabasco [/Homer Simpson]

No I didn’t. We’re trying to assemble a list of bathable foods that WON’T permanently scar the hoo ha:

Rice Pudding
Warm Melted Butter
A-1 sauce

And I think i’d like to sit a tub full of cool, smooth skittles

How about creamed spinach?

Chocolate Pudding?


When I first read that I thought it said


and I thought…hey…if YOU’RE BUYIN’!


Half-frozen fish sticks, mayonaisse, and about two pounds of butter. Try it.

Granted, you won’t be able to get back out of the tub without sliding out the bathroom door, but it’s worth it.

A-1 steak sauce? That reminds me, I should really buy some… my Crew[sup]TM[/sup] has a thing about it… oh yeah! :smiley: :cool:

As far as bathing in it goes, I should recommend it to my brother and his friend; I gotta see what they think of this one…

Um, I would think there might be a problem with skittles-getting into important orifices…and it might make you sore…like sitting on ball bearings…



chocolate milk!
hot fudge!
mini Reeses peanut butter cups

and don’t forget “bukkake” :eek:

You’d think…but at least with the latter, it doesn’t hurt. Now, granted I haven’t tried anything as small as skittles, but with ball bearings it was actually incredibly relaxing.

However, I do have a few parts y’all don’t, and vice versa, so…

Ranch dressing
Marinara sauce

Oh, now, I think A-1 might sting a little bit. It would at the very least bring a couple of tears to your eyes with delicious A-1 fumes.

Rice pudding - With raisins, or without?

I agree that A-1 might be an interesting choice. It isn’t, after all, a steak meal without A-1. I do recommend the Sweet and Tangy variety, though.

Personally, I’m thinking a Manwich bath would be where the party starts.

creamed corn
pancake batter
brown gravy
baked beans (Tommy, anyone?)
a nice Chianti


Good one!

How about rotini pasta with a nice alfredo sauce? Or for color variation, you could use pesto. With pine nuts. Pesto’s nothing without pine nuts.

Seeing as how you’re thinking of starting a family, jarbaby, how about baby food?

What a disturbing mental image this evokes!!!

Smooth, creamy yougurt
Mudslide mix (or just plain Kaluha-if you prefer)
Club Soda
Ginger Ale

If you include Jar-Jar-Baby in the deal they’ll probably jump at it. :wink:

A-1 doesn’t sound like it would be nice to delicate hoo-ha tissue.

Oooh, I love it when you use those technical terms.