HEY KIDS! Let's all run electric shocks through our naughty bits! With Newslink

Yes, people in Serbia know how to have a good time.


“Stunned Sperm”!


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oooooh. Bosda gave himself the giggles.

Hey, if they are dumb enough to do this, then rejoice.

They a excellent candidates for the “Darwin Award” and this should prevent them from reproducing.

snarkingly yours,

Actually, being stupid about birth control kind of has an anti-Darwin effect. The more they screw up, less effective the birth control, and the more stupid kids born.

I was assuming that the procedure would have an adverse affect and potentially remove them from the Gene Pool. I guess I was just being an optimist.


If you do this to another person, Amnesty International will tell the world about you. If you do it to yourself, I guess it’s no big deal. :rolleyes:

And to think I’ve been doing this just for fun. Now I have a reason! :dubious:

Not sure what your point is here. Do you think one of those reactions is inappropriate?

I can just here guys using this as extra ammo to bed a naive Serbian babe:

“Naw, baby, it’s OK. I had that shock thing done just yesterday. Proof? Yeah, I got proof - check out the hair down there, it’s all curly now.”


Electric shocks make hair stand on end.

I just think it’s peculiar to do something to yourself that would be considered torture if you did it to someone else. :eek: What is the Geneva Conventions position on self-torture? :confused:

Makes you go blind?

Bosda, if that’s the worst complaint you have about my post then you’re as sick as I am.

Things to do with a hand grenade

What are they putting in the water over there?

I’m pretty sure these things are considered torture if done to others against their will.

What else can we think of that’s okay to do to yourself, and to other people who want to, but not to other people who don’t want to?

I would imagine waxing legs, Plucking eyebrows and wearing girdles would be considered torture if forced on someone instead of it being voluntary.


While it’s not “torture” per se, the sex act itself is considered to be a Very Bad Thing when forced upon someone. But it’s okay when it’s consensual. Usually.