Hey, Knitters, Guess What I'm Doing Sunday!

I’m going to Rhinebeck, the big fiber festival all the bloggers are talking about! See http://sheepandwool.com/ for details.

On my agenda are meeting the Yarn Harlot, lying to her that my sock is a first sock (more like 10th) and resisting the temptation to allow my mother to buy me a spinning wheel.

I’m looking forward to the solitary 3 hour drive each way, the fall colors and all that yarn! To make it up to mom about the spinning wheel I might allow her to add to my stash. I’m so nice.

Ooooo- I’m jealous!

Have fun!

Thanks! I’m sure I will.

I’m jealous too! Have fun! And let us know if your pic will be on the Yarn Harlot’s blog!

Wheeee! **Caricci **is falling down the fiber hole!
My mother bought me a spinning wheel at MDSW last year. She needed another spinner in the family to keep her company. Now most evenings I can’t decide - spin or knit? Knit or spin? And oh, what it does to one’s stash. It’s shameful.
Have fun!

Should I maybe allow mom to buy me a small loom? That would be good for usingstash, rather than making it, right?

I have a drop spindle I haven’t gotten the hang of yet. I know it’s because I’m trying to spin roving that’s really for needle felting. I could, I suppose, get some more appropriate fleece on Sunday. Hmmm.

Of course I could end up on the Harlot’s line all day and not get anything.

Well, I think you should let her get you a spinning wheel! My goodness you are lucky, I had to save for mine! I’m sure you will have a wonderful time, I am so jealous!

I think it would turn into a wheel of guilt.

She’s very impulsive, I really don’t know if she can truly afford it and I’m not sure I can learn to spin since I can’t work my spindle.

On the other hand, I’ll probably be posting pics of my new wheel Monday.

Don’t judge your spinning ability from bad fiber.
I got a lb of “free” loose fiber (I think it was batts at one point) with my wheel purchase. It was the first thing I tried to spin, and the results were not pretty. Then my mom gave me some basic wool/mohair roving she had it was like night and day. I could draft! I could make a slightly consistent single!
Then I finally allowed myself to use the merino/silk I had bought. Mmmm, nice. Then I tried mohair pencil roving - bliss!

Once I had a good bit of spinning under my belt I tried that original fiber on a whim. It still sucks.

That’s good to know! I saw some fiber in the yarn store that was so the opposite of what I have and that’s when I was pretty sure of what my problem was.

I work at a design school and had such a discouraging conversation about spinning with one of the textiles professors recently. I asked about spinning and she told me “Oh, we barely even teach it except to teach the students a little about the properties of the spun fiber! Why bother when you can buy perfectly good yarn?” Um, because it’s fun? It certainly looks more fun than some of the scary-ass computer operated jaquard looms they use in her department.

I spin and I’m fully bistitchual. I was toying with the idea of heading to Rhinebeck but I just don’t think I want to drive so far for only a day.

Don’t judge your ability to spin on your success (or lack thereof) on a drop spindle. I hate them.

Are you heading to the one in Berryville next weekend?

Oh, fun!

I’ve moved back to the west coast so won’t be at Rhinebeck this year, and I have to admit that I’m feeling the pain. (My wallet isn’t, though…)

Rhinebeck, if you haven’t been there before can be Seriously Overwhelming. My strategy is to print off the map and carry it around with me while I just walk through everything once. I mark the places I want to go back to, but don’t buy ANYthing on the first pass.

Then I go back and decide if I’d really rather have expensive thingie one, or thingies two and three that I saw later on, and wasn’t thingie four less expensive over at that other booth?

Two exceptions to this:

  1. If you want Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock, hie thee to the Fold before Rhinebeck opens. (You can usually get onto the fairground about an hour before “official opening”. Get in line early – although by Sunday, there may not be much left.
  2. If you’re looking for Briar Rose, go there second (or first, if you’re not going to The Fold). Consider stopping by again later, as sometimes stuff magically appears later in the day.

I admire your bravery, doing Rhinebeck in one day! And it’s too bad that you’ll miss the Ravelry party on Saturday night – but you can still make the lunchtime meet-up. (You are on Ravelry, I trust?


I have no knowledge of this, never heard of it until now. I don’t know if we’ll make it down or not, it’s still a big drive with a four-year-old.

Johnathan Chance used to live right out there, near Purcelville.

My husband’s stupid bar band is playing Saturday (he plays in it as opposed to being a fan, just to clarify - otherwise this would not be happening this way) so I’m stuck at home with the kid. So, this year, my first year, it’s Sunday only. I suspect my mom will slow me down so I think I’ll study the map carefully ahead of time.

Allow me to die of the jealous. I was supposed to go this year but ran too short of funds due to a medical issue. Maybe next year! Or maybe up to Maryland in the spring.

dooooo iiiiiiiiit

So, yeah, Rhinebeck was cool. No spinning wheel. I got some gorgeous sock yarn, what else is new, some beautiful merino for spinning on my spindle, needle felting stuff and some other tools… I didn’t see the Harlot but did spot the knitty.com ladies just standing around. They are my celebrities. My mom was unimpressed with the ladies but had fun at the event. I overheard that the Ravelry party was amazing.

Sounds like a good time was had! I wanna go sometime…