Hey ladies: what do you think about kilts?

I was going to make this a poll, but thought I might cause an influence in positions with my poll choices.

So, in a free format, what do you think about kilts on men?

Depends on the kilt, depends on the guy wearing it.

From a website I was looking at recently:

“I can’t stand a good-looking Scotsman in a kilt - said no woman ever.”

I don’t object to them. I don’t find them an automatic turn-on, either. The traditional turn-down stockings that go with them are unflattering on everyone.

Most look bad, but when they look good, they look very, very good. There’s the urge running a hand up the thigh.

As an aside, I have no idea how men don’t run their hand up the thigh of women in skirts all the time. Well, there’s jail of course.

Ladies I know indicate that kilts are a fine thing, unless they are the dreaded UtiliKilt[sup]TM[/sup].


What Guinastasia and MoonMoon said.

I have seen guys in kilts who were hot.

And then there was the guy in the grocery store who was most emphatically not.

I’d hire them.

Not a fan. If you are not (a) playing bagpipes or (b) marching with your regiment, just don’t.

(Okay, I guess a lot of women find them attractive. Here’s one who doesn’t. And if I see(a) I will run the other way with my hands over my ears.)

It’s like any other clothing a man might wear. A kilt is OK if the guy wearing it is.

One of my friends has one or more kilts, and I think they are awesome on him. Not sure how I would feel about kilts on anyone else.

In general, I like them and would like to see more men wearing them. I like variety.

Rowr. Very much a fan of a good-looking man in a kilt.

Most of the men I see in kilts are gay, so I sort of assume a guy in a kilt is gay unless he has some obvious reason to wear one. Or I happen to know he is straight.


Yes, Sattua. I did it. You knew I was going to.

I’d like to note that they skipped the turn-down stocking and slipper look for the show, in favor of a questionably historic but unquestionably more attractive high boot.

Nope. Not a good look. Even on a good looking man. My opinion may be colored by knowing a lot of guys who wear kilts and finding it to be sort of an unattractive nerdish affectation for most of them. Still like the guys, but its odd - I don’t go running around in a drindl

If you need to wear one to march in your pipe band, go for it. But its costuming. Not clothing. Not even in Scotland anymore.

How about on weddings, funerals, or on Robbie Burns day?

I’ve yet to see one that didn’t make a man look goofier than he’d look in pants.