Hey, Look, It's That Guy! And He's Doin' Stuff!

Hi, everybody! I’m the new kid, and I hate introducing myself, but I hate jumping unannounced into other threads even more, so here I am.

Some of you have been reading about me for years - I am “the superhero” frequently referenced by the lovely mlerose in posts and such. I have the pleasure of being married to her and being co-owned by two feline creatures with her.

Some of you from the Denver area have broken bread with me at a meet-up at the Oirish pub across the street from Coors Field, where I accompanied the lovely mlerose and introduced myself as Ted Koppel.

Anyway…um, yeah…I’ll be over here in the corner if you need me.

Is that your real hair?

No, I have it custom-carved from pure Tennessee hickory and hand-painted.

Hello The Superhero. Be welcome. Enjoy your stay! :slight_smile:

Gosh. What a kind of awkward moment we have here. I mean, he sounds like a very nice fellow and is attached to a Doper already.

And yet… he mentioned felines. And provided no photographs. King Solomon himself would have struggled with this one.


Welcome, welcome. Did you bring pie ?

Sorry, but “The” isn’t much of a first name. Can you at least tell us your ethnicity? I hate to admit it here, but I really only associate with Marvels and Vertigos.

reserves further judgement at this time

Hooray, you’re finally here!

I’m so glad you’re joining us after all this time.

I’ll have the dope know that he makes fabulous pie. Hope he brought enough for everyone to share.

Wow, you have great taste if you are hitched to the lovely mlerose! Welcome!

What’s your superpower?