Yes, on June 19th, 1894, Harry Moses Horwitz, a.k.a. Moe Howard, of the 3 Stooges was born into the Woild.

He was immediately slapped (by the Doctor). This would be a major influence later in his life.

In 1925, he married the cousin of Harry Houdini, & it was pure magic–they stayed together for life.

To celbrate, find an Apple-Head or a Porcupine, & tell 'em to spread out. If they don’t, you could…you know what to do.

I saw just the first portion of the thread title from the forum index page and got nervous for a split second that I may have forgotten about my own B-day. Damn, it’s scary to think your whole reality is crashing down around you.

Anyway, yeah, Happy B-Day Moe!

He was the last of the original bunch to stop working and pass on, as well (I don’t count that interloper, Joe Besser, or the appropriate-but-latecomer “Curly” Joe De Rita). He appeared in Dr. Death, Seeker of Souls in 1973 (!) and on Merv Griffin, throwing a pie at a volunteer, and wrote his autobiography. Great stuff.

Howcum Moe Howard, and Groucho Marx stayed in the spotlight longer than their borthers/teammates?

Also the boit’days of (thank you IMDB), Jean Arthur, Edith Evans, Wallis Simpson, Guy Lombardo, Pat “Mr. Haney” Buttram, Gena Rowlands, and Kathleen Turner, among many others; not people you automatically associate with The Three Stooges.

Except maybe Edith Evans . . .

Clam up chowder head.

Oh and Happy Birthday Moe He was My favorite stooge! I read his autobiography. Interesting fellow. It was a sad heartfelt part of the book when he wrote about Curly’s (Babe’s) stroke.

I started watching the Stooges at about age 10 when our local TV channel would broadcast a Three Stooges Marathon (about 4 hours!) every New Years Eve. Since then I’ve acquired almost every episode (exluding the later years ones) and have pretty much been watching and re-watching them ad nauseum. I’ll never get sick of 'em.

The humor is so simple, the slapstick so repetitive, the plotlines so hackneyed, the acting so sincere, and the fun so genuine.

“What’s that for? I didn’t do nuthin’!”
*“That’s in case ya do and I’m not around!” *

Also the birthday of Garfield the cat. So in honor of Moe and Garfield’s birthdays, take someone you know out for lasagna dinner, poke them in the eyes, and then go take a long nap. I hate Mondays, you knucklehead.

Are you sure about this? I’d heard that the doctor slapped his mother!


IMDB gives his birth year as 1897.
Happy birthday, Moe!
(Okay, fellas–let him have the cake!)

1897 it is. I mistyped.

I gots fingers like bananas.

They goes wit my cauliflower ears! Nyuk-Nyuk-Nyuk!

There are three kinds of people – Larrys, Curlys and Moes.

The Boys got a CD!

“Oh, you’re an intelligent imbecile!”~~Moe

“Remind me to kill you later!”~~Moe