Hey, NBC, the West Coast exists

Right now the USA-Argentina Olympic basketball game is wrapping up. But I don’t know the score and have done a good job of avoiding it.

Why do I have to do this? In the Eastern, Central and Mountain time zones this game was shown live.

But not on the West Coast?


It started at 10 am PDT. You know when NFL games start out here on the West Coast? 10 am. It’s not a weird hour.

If you’re not working today, it’s not like there’s much of a difference between 10 am and 1 pm.

It’s not like you have to get up at the crack of dawn.

Idiotic. But I’m watching the Iraqi soccer team for the FIFTH time! But not the USA men’s basketball team. You know. A sport with players I know. And people in the US appreciate.

I feel your pain. But in all fairness, it is west coasters who are responsible for postseason baseball games running past midnight ET. They could start at 7:00 but for the desire to delay until the rush hour on the west coast is over. So it cuts both ways. Sorry that you couldn’t see the game.

Hey, this is a rant. I don’t want logic!

I know. I KNOW. I’m right with you. WTF are they doing making us wait til 11 freakin pm to watch what’s going on? That’s right, 11pm!! The only thing I’ve been remotely awake for has been the women’s soccer match. THAT they showed live. :rolleyes: Yeah, thanks. I was at work. If you’re going to tape delay, can’t you show stuff at like, 6 or 7pm? If it’s tape delayed ANYWAY, the east coast really isn’t going to mind what we watch during dinner time.

Wait a second… there’s a West Coast now?

And now that the game is on, I can say that Argentina’s uniforms have a crappy font for their numerals. And the bottom of each numeral runs into a blue stripe on their uniform so you really can’t read it well.

I had a similar rant, but for the other coast. Since all this stuff was on tape delay, why did they stretch all the gymnastics competitions until well past 11:00 PM? I ended up missing most of the competitions because I had to go to work the next day, and couldn’t afford to be short on sleep several days in a row.

You have the technology to provide a separate feed to both the East and West coast, NBC. You’re just too damned cheap to worry about providing good service to your viewers. Oh, wait. You had the monopoly on the coverage, so you didn’t have to.

I know, some people right? It’s West Side, not West Coast. But I thought some of the West Side broke off into the ocean with all the earthquakes, flash floods and fires?

I’ve resolved myself to the fact that I will never see 60 Minutes again…

You know what’s on after those late night baseball playoff games out here? It ain’t the local news. It’s a collection of time fillers. If it’s Fox, it’s a lot of episodes of the Simpsons or Malcolm. If it’s NBC, it’s reruns of friends. If it’s CBS, it’s usually not very interesting.

“60 Minutes” is always on at 7 pm here on the West Coast.

I suppose that would matter if I watched it.

BobT, you’re usually right on the money, but this time I’m surprised at you. This is an entirely separate rant, but don’t you know that all local news is is time filler?

I’m not an experienced ranter.

Nah, we just sold it to out of state job hunters for ridiculously high prices. Apparently they’re used to stuff torn apart by floods and tornadoes, so they couldn’t even tell the difference. :wink:

In 2000, I think, we had a Giants playoff game during the day, and an A’s playoff game in the evening. I dunno why the games start at 8, but it ain’t because of rush hour. Plus, all our games are between 95-100% sold out, and our games start at 7:05/7:35; rush hour or no rush hour, there’s 42,000 people headed into downtown SF. We can deal.

Blame Fox, if only for their announcers.

I think they always have one of the early round playoff games on really late even by West Coast standards because they don’t want two of them to be on at the same time and there are only so many times you can fit them in.

I had a cousin visiting from St. Louis back in 2002 and he liked the fact that he could see his Cardinals play Arizona at 8 pm instead of 10 pm.

That game really wasn’t worth waiting 3 hours to see.

I’m testing my willpower by trying not to re-re-re-re-rant about NBC Sports coverage.

If NBC never gets another sports contract, it’ll be too soon.

Not on the West Coast.