"Hey! Oh, it's the remake....."

Movie titles that you see on the guide, only to be disappointed when you realize it’s the remake.

The Mummy
Taking of Pelham 123
Wicker Man
The Time Machine
The Day the Earth Stood Still
King Kong

I prefer the 2002 Time Machine to the 1960, personally. Neither is a great movie, but 2002’s is way more entertaining (even if it diverges from the book a LOT more).

And I could happily watch either Mummy.

Can’t really defend the Day the Earth Stood Still or Wicker Man remakes…I have a soft spot for the 1977 King Kong, personally, but that’s 100% pure nostalgia. (I haven’t seen Jack Black’s version, so can’t comment.)

The Manchurian Candidate springs to mind.

The Parent Trap. I’m a fan of Haley Mills version.

Oh, that is a GOOD one. The original gave me a crush on Hayley Mills which endures to this day. The remake - and sequels to the original - I choose to ignore.

I thought they did a good job on the remake. Cheaper By The Dozen and* Yours, Mine and Ours* (to be clear, the remakes) deserve to be archived in the local landfill.

I just watched Total Recall without Arnold, cool special effects, but otherwise terrible. I am now compelled to read the original story by Dick to see which of the two is closer to the story. I hope for Dick’s sake it’s ‘Get your ass to Mars.’

I saw the remake of Robocop, and kinda wish I hadn’t.

Note that The Maltese Falcon with Bogart was the second remake IIRC


I agree 100% about those two.

That’s right. I quite like both the earlier versions: The Maltese Falcon, 1931, with Ricardo Cortez and Bebe Daniels, and Satan Met A Lady, 1936, with Warren William and Bette Davis. The second one is a spoof rather than a straight version, with a ram’s horn replacing the falcon, but it’s still enjoyable. Of course, third time was a charm and Huston’s will always be the classic.

Psycho comes to mind. Whenever I see it as upcoming and find that it’s the Gus van Sant remake I wince. Worst remake ever.

One of the good remakes.

I didn’t see the TV re-make, but Poseidon with Kurt Russell was a lame version of Poseidon Adventure.

Flight of the Phoenix

Father of the Bride


I was initially thinking Sahara didn’t count as a remake just two different movies with the same name…

then I looked. There really was a remake with Jim Belushi. :smack: It has a tank in it though. It’s hard to skip a movie with a tank… sigh… probably going to have to watch it :smack::smack::smack:

I sat down loaded for bear to hate the remake of one of my favorite movies, but I was surprised
Flight of the Pheonix was watchable. Giovanni Ribisi was a great casting choice, and while he never managed the cold insidious calculation of the German toy designer the rest of the cast in the remake was solid.

I have to admit that my objectivity may be in question here because I do not find Steve Martin funny in the least, but the remake of the Out of Towners was garbage. Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn was just not funny. Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis set the bar pretty high.

Secondly, Matthew Broderick’s version of The Music Man should have never been released.

Nevertheless, I’m disappointed when it’s not the original (which I love).

The Wizard Of Oz (heh.)