"Hey! Oh, it's the remake....."

the '98 remake was good.

Not remakes, but there are some movies which just happen to have the same titles as old classics and I do the “Hey!..ohhh…”

The Wharf Rat (this one especially irks me, because the original is a Mae Marsh silent, and hard to come by)
Mad Love
Morning Glory
Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Well, I have never actually run across it but the 1996 TV movie of Harvey would probably elicit that reaction from me. Actually, some screaming and foul words could be involved as well. Fortunately, I am pretty sure it doesn’t really exist because … why?

Dare I mention Godzilla? Of the three I know I’ve seen, the Raymond Burr version was the best, though largely because it was the cheapest and campiest.

The Dr Doolittle remake
The Flubber remake.

Eddie Murphy has specialized in shitty remakes for a while now.

The 1971 Get Carter with Michael Caine was a great movie. The 2000 Get Carter with Sylvester Stallone was not.

The Mel Gibson movie Payback is a pale imitation of the Lee Marvin movie Point Blank.

The Italian Job

Bad News Bears
Karate Kid

How about The Bad News Bears? The remake was garbage.

As far as two movies with the same name? Bad Boys. I love the Sean Penn/ Ally Sheedy movie.

Nothing can improve on the original The Taking Of Pelham 123, but then I am a bit biased since my cousin had a significant role in that movie.

Came in here to say this. Robocop 2014 wasn’t BAD, mind, but it wasn’t good either, and it lacked everything that made the original stand out.

Similarly, Total Recall.

Stagecoach, both times.

How many versions of The Four Feathers have there been. (at least one too many)

The Manchurian Candidate and don’t forget The Stepford Wives. Both remade by Paramount and they are the only two films put out by Paramount that summer.


“The Day the Earth Stood Still” only to find that it’s that horrible Keanu Reeves version.

Cape Fear

You should see Gojira. Around 2003, Toho released an English subtitled (NOT dubbed) version of the exact film Japan got to see when the film was first released under this name (a better transliteration than “Godzilla”). It’s magnificent. No Raymond Burr-- I like him, but this movie doesn’t need him.

Six or seven, depending on how you count them. But I feel the 1977 remake did it best.

The current live-actor version of Cinderella, by most accounts.

Me too. I see “Grandma’s Boy” listed all the time. Although I’m 100% sure it’s Sandler, I look to see if it’s Harold Lloyd. Of course it never is.