Hey, Sangria! Here's an OP just for YOU!

You don’t “remember” me but I think you’ve got a “thing” for me none-the-less. Let me bring everyone else up to speed by directing them to this link in About This Message Board:


Now, you can read the entire spew but let me clarify as to WHY I’m bringing it up:

*Originally posted by Sangria *
**You guys seem to have deleted the big “girl fight” where someone (Byzantine? I don’t know their names, never did) started a pit thread just to attack me for saying there was too much “potty mouth” outside the pit (silly choice of words, but it’s how my mother always scolded my brothers and it just came out). I am grateful it’s gone, even if it does leave me have to answer to you. This is all I could find left

As pointed out by Coldfire, I didn’t start this thread that she is quoting me from, nor was it about dirty words outside the PIT:


And honestly, was I a jerk, you bet I was. But I think I was justified in my jerkness toward her. Your results may differ and you can sure as shit post it here.

Anyway, she says that’s the only thing she could find from the mysterious “girl fight” thread. Hmmm. I’ve looked, asked other posters… there ISN’T a thread that has been deleted. If she found this (my quote) from it, it’s not possible to delete a thread but for my little slam. Nice try hon but let me just call BS. And remember, it’s Christmas so I’m being NICE!

*Originally posted by Sangria *
**Then she follows me on another thread, where I’m following the OP and she posts this

(Who’s the “total flaming jerk” there MEBuckner! She was! And in this thread, YOU are.)**

Again, read the ENTIRE thread at:


WOW! I never knew I was so powerful that with TWO out of 1800 posts I could force someone to break the rules! BWHA HA HA! I revel in my power!

Give me about three seconds and a few short sentences and I can RULE THE WORLD!!!

However, let’s be honest, bitch… oh, I mean Sangria. You are only blaming this on me now because you either DON’T remember or I’m convenient during a search… I found this:


Oh, so it WASN’T me! It was that big meany, Ayesha! Well, that explains it! She’s such a BITCH! Even I live in fear of the big, bad, newbie crushing AYESHA! (Anyone else feel Wally waltzing in here and going PUTZ?)

I would say, “My Goddess, does it hurt to be you?” but no matter what you said, Sangria, I’d answer, “it should.”

Finis coronat opus

If I may step into the shoes, but for a short while…

(that felt good… )

Hi Byz!

Sangria won’t take you on in the Pit, knowing that she will get ripped to shreds by just about everyone here with half a brain. They (the jackals hiding in the woodwork that like to come out and lie in ATMB) never go into the Pit. They think we Pit posters are a bunch of meanies when it comes to newbies. I think the concept of getting called on every half-truth and misrepresentation scares them.

In short, I gues I just have to say, nice, but it’s a wasted effort. Some people really aren’t worth the attention.

Hi Twist!

waterj2 – that stupid bitch, oh, sorry! My horrible “potty” mouth! I should have said: That stupid fucking cunt won’t take me on no matter where or when! I could be naked with a water gun and she could be decked out in Kevlar with an AK47 and she’d STILL hide! She only likes to go into forums I rarely go to and accuse me of things I’ve never done…

Hey, honey get decked out at:


Once you get your outfit together you can just blame me for some other shit I didn’t do… or make up some new shit… Goddess knows that’s about all that comes out of you…

Does it hurt to be you? It should!

Ira furor brevis est

We here at EvilMods Inc. have decided to lower our tolerance for modbashing and whining about administration in ATMB. We all know it doesn’t belong there. With that in mind I have moved the thread you mentioned, The undetectable troll-a question for the Mods to the Pit, since it had degraded into all kinds of whininhg about they way the board is run and insult towards specific moderators.

So you can go ahead and let loose in the original thread, now. Seeing as how that’s the case I’m gonna close this one. Hope thats OK.

Have at 'em, Byz.