Hey, Sarahfeena

I’m telling you this here because your email address is private, but I wanted to talk to you anyway. Think of this as an anti-pitting.

Sarahfeena, I’d just like to say that I keep running into you in threads arguing exactly the opposite opinion from mine on whatever the issue in question is. Most recently in this thread about stem cells, where I was mightily impressed by just how thoughtful, intelligent, and articulate you were throughout. In that thread, you were part of a small minority in your opinions on embryonic stem cell research; what’s more, a lot of people in the thread took the opportunity to examine you and your own opinions personally rather than discussing the more abstract issue present; at some points it turned into a pile-on. And you were absolutely gracious about it; you presented an unpopular opinion, argued it persuasively, and kept yourself above the fray.

I’ve noticed that a lot in threads with you. I’m generally impressed with people who can argue well about anything, but when it comes to people with unpopular viewpoints here on the SDMB who argue them ably and rationally - and don’t get discombobulated by the fact that most people disagree with them - it’s particularly welcome. In every thread I’ve seen you in, you debate with eloquence and grace, and it’s a real pleasure to have you around here. So thank you for your presence here and for your excellent argument and complete composure. These good qualities are rare enough in themselves but moreso in combination. I love having people like you around who don’t share my opinions or beliefs, but argue their own quite well; it’s easy to seem reasonable and intelligent to people who agree with you, but it’s quite an achievement to come across that way to people who don’t. I really appreciate your presence in these forums.

Classy post there, Excalibre. I agree that we need more of this style discussion, and I’m glad to see it whenever I run across it. So I’ll echo your kudos to Sarahfeena and add my two cents that John Mace is usually very good about this as well. Whether or not I agree with the viewpoint he presents, I can generally count on reading a well-reasoned opinion.

A very nice post. I have been thinking lately that the board has become much more mean than it used to be. Maybe I am just noticing it more. But it is nice to see posts like this - and nice that there are posters like **Sarahfeena **who inspire posts like this.

Definetly… I seem to be getting into a lot of debate with her, and while it’s pretty clear neither of us will convince the other i’m impressed that she’s able to give polite and intelligent discourse whilst disagreeing with people who from her perspective are happy to do great wrongs, and especially when her point of view is (at least on this board) not often shared by the majority. Good for her. :slight_smile:

An admirable tribute to an excellent debater. Would that we had more like her.

Of course, if most Dopers were like Sarahfeena the Pit would be a bleak and empty place.

I don’t recall running into Sarahfeena before, but she’s made a big impression on me in the thread mentioned in the OP - all good. I may not be on the same side of the fence as her, but by golly do I like and admire her and the way she expresses her point of view. I don’t recall ever having such a favourable impression of someone I disagree with before now.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets the Macarena stuck in their head every time they read that thread title.

You were…until now.

Thanks, Hal. :smack:

I couldn’t agree with the OP more. Sarahfeena is definetly a credit to the boards. I’ve gotten in more than a few arguments with her, and she’s always held her end up admirably. Which is especially impressive when you consider how totally wrong she always is. :wink:

Who cares if she’s eloquent, rational, level-headed, fair-minded, and a general intellectual boon to her peers and to the community as a whole.

Is she hot?

I have had some run ins…I do not share your opinion of sarahfeena.

Have a good day! :slight_smile:

Wow. Just…wow. I literally almost started to cry when I read this, I was so touched. Excalibre, thank you so much for taking the time to start this post and write what you did. I have always admired you as a poster for your thoughtfulness, your wit, and your ability to see all sides of an argument, regardless of what side you may be on.

To the rest of you who chimed in…especially those I have had some heated debate with, thank you as well. I respect all of you, and although we may not always agree, hey, that’s what the board, and life, are all about, no?

Oh, and MaxTheVool, I am SMOKIN’! :smiley:

OK, Excalibre…I have regained my composure, and I want to say a little bit more to you in thanks. I remember when I first started posting, another poster in a GD thread took one of my posts, twisted it & totally misrepresented what I had said, in order to make a point. It really irritated me, but I was new, and I didn’t want to start off on the wrong foot around here by getting into it with anybody. You came in & basically defended me, telling the poster that it was perfectly obvious that they were twisting my words. I was so impressed that you would do that, when it was clear that you did not agree with my opinion in that thread. It shows your intellectual honesty and character. I really appreciated it.

I found this thread in a funny way…I searched on my name, and it popped up at the top…I haven’t been in this forum all day (too busy dancing around in those damn stem cell threads.) My first thought was that I’d been pitted, and I was SO disappointed that it was you who had started it, because, well, frankly, because you are cool. I think you are fun, and you are smart, and you are reasonable, and I really didn’t want to think I had done something that had pissed you off badly enough to pit me. As I read it and saw what you had written, I just couldn’t believe that you would take the time to write that, and I really really appreciate it.

So, thanks. You are doubly cool. :slight_smile: