Hey, SaxFace! Over Here!

I didn’t post this to my own thread, because I am trying to let it drift slowly out to sea . . . But I had to say “hi” and where the hell have you BEEN, and what’s this about a hospitalization?

And yes, next time you’re in NYC, we MUST do tea.

Hi Eve! Thanks for starting a thread, I feel so honored!

I have been, busy, I guess:

a scuba diving/hiking trip to Dominica,
adjusting to living in this town where everyone moves S L O W L Y
being stuck in the hospital with Streptococcal Pneumonia
trying to buy a house

I hope to make it to NYC this spring after healing whereas I will call you and we can have a delightful lunch or two.

I think I’ll send you an e-mail because I feel so naked and exposed in MPSIMS.

BTW, I miss all the New York Dopers. sob

Oh, shucks, since I’ve moved I no longer have your e-mail. Send one to me at the same address if you still have it!

Slow-moving D.C.—not so cool!
Streptococcal pneumonia—jiminy crickets! Hope you’re all better!
Buying a house—are you MAD?

Dammit, your e-mail is unlisted and MY e-mail is unlisted . . . Maybe get mine from Cajun Man or Ike? or Jebus, the Pigeon-God of Lincoln Center?

See what happens when you move away from NY into the dangerous wilds of where ever the hell you got yourself off to? You should have stayed in Brooklyn, where it’s safe!

Moderator’s Notes: I’ve taken care of this little issue. Do I hear any arguments against closing the thread? No? Good. Closed it is.

Moderator’s Notes: Seems I do hear an argument against closing this thread. And a very good one, at that. I’m gonna re-open this sucker and you all can welcome the lovely SaxFace back to her SDMB home while run out and get my hearing checked.

Carry on, folks. Sorry for the fumble.

Jeez, have you gals never heard of Hotmail accounts?

Hi Saxy! Long time no see.

Hi Green Bean!! I hear that you’re expecting a little bundle of joy soon. I am just thrilled – congratulations! What else is new?

Biggirl - you’re right, I NEVER should have left Brooklyn. I miss it more than you can imagine. How are your kids and Houseman? I miss seeing you on the subway. How’s your job?

Uncle Beer - trust me, I am shocked.

Note: I never left the SDMB, just don’t have time to post as much. I hope to have time next week to read the whole damn thing though and catch up with all of you gorgeous, exciting people.

(waving madly)

Me too! Me too! I miss you too!

[sub] god damn woman never even said good-bye when she left [/sub]

Remember the fun we used to have down on old 48th Street, trying out used baritone saxophones at Rod Baltimore’s, that we had no intention of purchasing?

::blows a kiss to Sax::

Uke, I miss you so much, too! The last time I saw you was on 7th Ave in Park Slope. You were walking with Banjo. It was such a lovely day.

Those afternoons at Rod’s were hilarious. Brian just called me this morning; what is it with those sax players? I’ll tell him you said hi.

Say, will you be playing in Tuba Christmas this year?

Cajan Man, I KNOW you had the two of us in mind when you wrote that disclaimer! Hope to see you soon, love.


C’mon up to NYC when we have a Fest, or I’ll never get to see you again.

And feel better soon.

For sure, Dave, I’ll let you all know when I return (sometime this spring).

First round will be on me! Can’t wait. And thanks.

Hmmm…a spring SaxFaceFest.

Sounds good to me!

I mean, any excuse for a Fest, IMnot soHO