Been out sick since last Friday.
Runs, sinus, violent coughing, stomach acid flooding mouth/noses, lungs. Weak & confused.

Lab test says it is a bacterial infection of stomach.
Had to blow into stupid balloons for test.

Gonna try to go back to work Thursday, if I can get sleep.

Doc says, spreads through food, esp restaurants.

Sounds miserable, but I’m glad to hear it’s not more serious. I hope you feel better soon.

Stay hydrated. Hope you get better soon.

I (also in Tennessee) am starting to feel the same symptoms this morning. Do you suspect any particular restaurant? How long do you think it took the symptoms to hit after you ate the bad food? Are you getting treated with antibiotics?

I just had my own experience with this last week. It was just awful and it may have put me off salmon forever.

I’m sorry Bosda. I hope you feel better very quickly. Drink lots of water and get lots of rest.

Did not.

I do, however, hope you fell better soon!

I was thinking about this thread last night when the news was talking about all those vacationers dying from mysterious ailments with fluid in their lungs. Bosda, how ya hangin’ in there?

It may or may not have worsened into pneumonia.
The doc was supposed to send me the lab reports by 5 today, but didn’t.
Not goin in to morrow.
This will be a week out from work.

I’m Civil Service, & I think I have the leave days, but not being certain about the pneumonia…darn.\

In the back of my mind, I hear my Dad, yelling at me to “power through” it.

I’m on 2 antibiotics, have had an antibiotic shot, plus a steroid shot, & x-rays.

Good grief. Will you have the weekend off? That should give you some more time to recover.

Yeah, but I gotta go to the doc Monday morning.
So, no work again.

Ugh!! Hang in there. If it’s pneumonia, it’s probably related to the acid regurgitation going back down the wrong way.

If you’re not already doing so, sleep as propped up as possible. It’ll be easier to breathe, and less risk of aspiration.

And if you get worse, get to the ER!!! Pneumonia is no joke.

Still on the meds.
My doc didn’t call back.
I seem to have irritated the folks at the office, as usual.

So I’m assuming pneumonia.

Going on Nebulizer tomorrow.New antibiotics, more injections, steroids.

Finally starting to feel better.
Very tired, though.

A song for you:

I just got over a week out sick - sorry Bosda - it sucks!