Bosda's very sick.

Last night, fever & chills. Night sweats, & uncontrolable shivering so bad I couldn’t stop my teeth from chattering. I thought I’d break a tooth.

Last night was the scariest illnes I’ve had in years, & I’m not better today.

I went to the Doc, a new Doc, Friday. He said it was a Sinus infection, and gave me antibiotics.

Head blocked, can’t breathe through my nose, but antihistamines don’t work. Lots of yellow mucus.

I feel weak.

Anybody got this?

I don’t HAVE it, but I’ve HAD it. Or a close facsimile. Remeber, if it doesn’t kill you, I can’t have your stuff.

We all knew that! (“Laughter is the best medicine”, eh? :wink: )

Sorry to hear you’re sick. I’ve probably had that, but not for a long time. Drink lots of fluids. Chamomile tea is said to be a good remedy. At the very least, it tastes good. (And the steam might help a bit.)

My dad might have had something similar. He said that he was so sick, he thought he was going to die. The next day he was afraid he wasn’t going to die. But he did get better. Take the meds, take the doctor’s advice, and be patient.

Consider this post a virtual “get well” card. :slight_smile:

I was to the Dr. yesterday, but only cuz I got something in my eye…

A couple years ago I got the worst stomach flu I ever had. Thought I was gonna die (WISHED I would die…) Ever have diarrhea and have to puke at the same time? Doesn’t work!

Hope you’re feeling better! Take ALL of your antibiotics!!! Don’t quit just cuz you feel better!

I"ve had sinus infections before - it takes about three days to feel better (not perfect, but better). It takes another three days to feel like you can go back to work and then another week to feel like yourself again.

When you sleep it helps you keep your head slightly elevated and drink lots of soup and tea to help clear out the yellow gunk. And this is a good time to eat junk food - you feel better and you won’t gain weight. (Really!)

Feel better soon and don’t give it to me!

Chronic sinus infection experience here, Bosda - my sympathies.

Your mantra is DRAINAGE.

Ditto on the “take all your meds”. Most people aren’t compliant with taking antibiotics (and oddly enough people who work in pharmacies are worse than most), but taking the FULL course will help you get better and not relapse.

Eat some chicken noodle soup, drink some hot tea, and rest. There’s something comforting about having “sick food” and taking naps all day.

Skerri, the (usually non-compliant) pharmacy technician

Yikes–my mother is just recovering from the same thing. She had to be hospitalized for four days because she was too sick to eat or drink, and she became dehydrated and her potassium levels dropped.

So eat! Drink! Important! If you continue to be very dizzy and nauseated, let the doctor know, you may need intravenious fluids.

Mom is getting better, still has headaches and is weak, but at 82 you don’t bounce back as quickly.

Bosda baby, please do take your meds and follow Eve’s eat and drink advise. Even if you don’t feel like eat and drink anyway.
Get better soon .

And take lots of hot showers, and put hot, moist towels on your face. Breathing steam helps break crud up.

Feel better.

::MsRobyn sends Bosda a huge jar of real Jewish-mother chicken soup, made by an actual Jewish mother::


Poor Bosda.

Here’s a nice big box of Aloe Puff tissues for your sore nose.

I’ve also brought The Princess Bride on DVD and a hand knitted afghan to wrap yourself in while you sip MsRobyn’s chicken soup.

We’ve had the sinus cruds wandering through Knoxville too - everyone I know is sniffling a little, feeling worn down, mild fevers and the like. No one I know has been seriously sick (not really even enough to head to the doc), but just enough to feel like you want to stay home and curl up with a book.

Sucks that it slammed you so hard. Drink your tea and water and feel better.

Last time I had something like this the medic told me, “Plenty of fluids …”

I told him,“Yeah doc, at both ends!”

Get well soon, Bosda.

I had the similar thing a month ago Bosda, do you have a horrible pain in your back too?

Spend as much time as you can in a hot bath, that was the only thing that made me feel any better.

Try to avoid milk and dairy products. I’ve found that that helps a great deal in dealing with my own nasopharyngeal misery.

I’m kind of feeling like that now, although not quite to the extent you are. It’s been ongoing for almost a week now, just a general feeling of all-over crappiness, mixed in with the stuffy/runny nose, chills, and dizziness. Word of advice: getting drunk will NOT make you feel better. In fact, it will make you feel a whole hell of a lot worse!


roadkiller, are you in Kansas?


Bummer, dude!

Kind of gross, too. But, I’ve been there with that same nasty stuff, so I’m not gonna make fun of you.

Two words for something that feels real good on your throat and in your mouth during this time: Extra, extra spicy V8 juice. I mean, a ton of tabasco in it. You’l understand once you try it.

Sympathies, Bosda. I’m on day 10 of a cold/flu thing. Starting to feel better now, though. I hope you’re better soon. I like hot tea for sinus pain–bonus is that it helps your throat feel better, too, when the drainage makes you cough and it gets raw.

Tea with honey and lemon are fabulous for a sore throat and the steam helps break up junkies. IMO, watching the Princess Bride can cure anything. Advil helps with the aches as long as you can take it with your antibiotics. Sinus infections just plain suck. My deepest sympathies.