Hey SqrlCub!

Do I know you? I’ve heard that “why did the monkey fall out of the tree?” joke before, and you said you made it up. And I think the guy I heard it from used to have a nickname of “little squirrel”. So, do I know you?

If not, then: freaky coincidence!

You may know me, I was sometimese called Squirrel. I am originally from Texas (San Antonio) but I have lived all over the country and world (if you count the year I lived in Japan as the “world”). I am going away to NYC for the weekend. I will post back on Monday.

Ellis (it would have been John previously)

Really freaky. They guy I was thinking of was John as well. John Sturdivant. But this was in Houston, and you are about 2 years too old (you said you were 24 somewhere else).

Oh well, if I didn’t know you before, I do now. Hi there!

Sorry that it took so long to post. I have been having internet problems here. Well, I am sorry that I am not the right person. Oh well.


Sqrl…with those given names, is there any possibility you spent a period in your early teens in Canandaigua (as opposed to Gananoque, see other thread), New York? A close friend your age knew somebody with that combination of names when he lived there then.

Well, I lived in New Jersey for a while in my teens. I had several friends from New York though. Does that mean anything to you? I have lived all over the country and in Japan. I may know someone from almost anywhere.