I was gone for a week but did anyone notice?

Just curious.


Not really. :stuck_out_tongue:

But, then again, I saw you on Friday for lunch.

Welcome back!!!


I needed you! I had to get your addy from strangers! But you’re back now, and that’s all that matters.

An explanation, and apology, would be nice, though. :slight_smile:

No. Sorry.

I noticed! I knew you were going to be gone, though. :wink:

Welcome back, Sqrl!

Don’t mind me, I’m just looking for an escaped mental patient.

Sqrl! Oh, Sqrl! Where aaarreee yyyooouuuu?

I dunno where he is now, but here’s where he’s been!

what i want to know is know is when you will make a dfw appearance.
I know this is not p.c. but “you people” are good conversationalists

I made a reference to you in one of my threadsbut you never responded. I thought maybe you were dead…so I cried. I’m glad to see now that you were just gone. You know, you scared the hell out of me. I figured that you’d at least have the decency to call and let me know where you were gonna be. I mean I stayed up all night worrying. I should sue your ass for punitive damages. :wink: