Hey - that "poster quote" was me!

So I was on the escalator on the Tube this evening, heading home, idly glancing at the posters on the wall as I trundled past, when it struck me. That BIG 120pt quote on the advert for a musical… I wrote that! :cool:

Sure, I didn’t write the review, and my name isn’t on the poster (only the name of the paper I work for) but I wrote the headline and the headline is what they quoted.

That gave me a small warm fuzzy feeling. I might even go to see the show. (Yes, I am aware of the irony of the poster using a quote from someone who never even saw the show :dubious: )

Yay, you’re famous!!! :slight_smile:

Colophon, can I touch you? I promise to never wash that hand again.

Keen! It’s an honor to be able to personally congratulate the person responsible for the eye-catching encomium:


So basically, you are confessing to vandalism.

Psst…what was the show?