All right I have to say it

Everytime I read a post with a signature which contains someone’s quote about the poster or that person talking about themselves in the third person I have to laugh. Hey look- I am important- someone I barely know liked something I said.

Jeese, come on already how desperate for validation are some of you? While I am not flaming anyone (honest) if this is what floats your boat, who is really harmed? Still its kind of silly behavior if you think about it.

example: random person posts (tongue in cheek probably):
elf6c you have the wisdom of Solomon, and the wit of the Algonquin round table, and the endowment of a porn star- I worship the very ground you tread upon.

I of course, sensing that my existance has finally been validated by a person I don’t even really know, place said quote into a signature, ensuring that future generations will see this quote taken out of context and place greater weight to my opinion on why this week’s Buffy episode was pretty week or what the best song written about cars is.

Of course I am just some random :wally so what do I know?


Yeah–what’s that all about?

bella–seeking external validation since 1977

This is directed at Slip Mahoney, isn’t it?

Slip is curious as to the why of it, because he doesn’t use a sig, and has never been quoted in one.

I think you should get off his back and go after the moderators. You’ll be glad you did. No, really.

Oh belladonna, truly you are the most sagacious and bodacious of posters!

:: waves hands wildly ::

Ooh, ooh, Ferrous, can I be next? Huh? Huh?

I’ve been looking for a sig, and one of those witty “so and so says I’m God” sigs would be just the thing!

Pwetty pwease?


Slip, excellent Bob Dole impression, by the way.

(in all honesty, I am looking for a sig. but since it’s doubtful I’m going to be called a goddess any time soon, I best look elsewhere…):slight_smile:

Sorry, Scout—I like you and all, but I used up my daily ration of ass kissing on bella. If we can get Yondan in here, he can go all day!:wink:

For me, it’s just a desperate attempt to prove that not everybody hates me.

the sweat dangling from a Chipendale dancer’s nipple.

the choco-crunchy remains at the bottom of a glass of Nestle’s Quick

the answer to all of the 1000 dollar questions on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Smooth like taffy and sticky too.

a character in a book about racism in the south.

Scout is all of that, plus 1222

Biggirl, seeking validation in someone elses sig since noon today.


In my case, the poster in question is one of my best IRL friends and gave me permission to use the line.

Plus, it’s true. :smiley:

Awwwww yeahhhh!

(good ones, Biggirl! Especially the last one. I like it!)

Feel free to quote me on any of the following.
“I think it’s assured that Your Name Here is one of the posters on this message board.”

“I feel that no higher praise can be given Your Name Here than that which (he/she) has earned.”

Your Name Here posts with the shining wit of a greater quality than a mere shiny rock.”

Your Name Here cannot be beat! Or, at least, not without breaking certain statutes, most notably Assault and Battery.”

Your Name Here is exactly everything I’d want to be, assuming I wanted to be exactly like (him/her).”

Your Name Here is far wittier and more intelligent than several people I’d prefer not to name. Probably better looking, too.”
Please keep all sigs to four lines or less, however.

[Can’t type today. Gah. -JMCJ]

All right, how long until (Your Name Here) comes in here and realizes he’s hit the ass-kissing sig jackpot? And from a mod no less?

Some people have all the luck.


bella–bookmarking page for future sig purposes [sub](Thanks Ferrous!)[/sub]

Your welcome, hon…but to tell the truth, I had inadvertenly set my CP so that I couldn’t see anyone’s signature. So I didn’t see that you already had your validation, and missed your joke. Oh well, I really do think you’re reasonably bodacious.

Hey… is that some kind of subtle insult about my penis?*

And since Ferrous wouldn’t come through for you, here’s one you can use:
scout1222, you are the reason I didn’t become a eunuch when I had the chance.
*see sig

PS. And elf6c, not that I’m trying to hijack the thread or anything, but since you kinda brought up the subject of silly posting behavior, what’s the point of signing your post “-me”? Not ripping on you or flaming you or anything, but that seems a little pointless to me. Obviously you wrote your post, that’s why your username is there at the lefthand side of it. :wink:

-* someone other than Crunchy Frog*

I actually know both of the people quoted/referenced in my sig, and they’re in there because I think they both KICK ASS.

So :stuck_out_tongue:

Does this mean I have to change my sig to “Aaron Justin Cartwright thinks I rock”? Cuz I’m pretty sure he does.


I self-promote, actually - who needs validation from anyone else? (NOTE: Cecil Himself is not “just anyone else.”)


I, Michael Q. Ellis, am bored with this thread. :o

Looks like someone is making a helluva lot of assumptions. I quote two people in my sig… one of them because I respect him, and think he is an intelligent and amusing individual. The other is Thinksnow.


You should say " I, Micheal Q. Ellis, think elf6c’s thread is boring" Then elf6c will use it as a sig!