All right I have to say it

elf6c, you are as clever as Serlin, and your wanker may be extraordinary. I desperately await your next pearl drop of wisdom. Please post more, Superfriend.

And quote Homer Simpson some more, so that we all know you’re cool, witty, original and rebellious.


Hey, Thinky… when I was throwing out mushy compliments, I wasn’t necessarily referring to our Lord and Master, Cecil. Note the :smiley: smiley.

:: poke poke :: Silly Thinky.

Wow, elf6c, you just gave me the best idea! I’ll go ICQ my Eternally Quotable Friend Silent Brian and have him say something about me so I can stick it in my sig!

(Hey, nobody on the boards knows who I am … gotta do my low-self-esteem validation-hunting somewhere …)

I don’t have such things in my sig, simply because…
nobody has ever said anything about me that I would care to sig.

[sub]I feel so unloved.[/sub] :frowning:

Anthracite: “You want my advice? Take a shower with Winnowill. I did, and it was a mind scrambler! A non-stop heaven of slippery questing fingers, lightly tracing bubbles across tummies and nipples, followed by questing soft lips and a tongue that buckles your knees, and her arms hold you and support you as she lowers you to the floor. Water cascades over you, and steam obscures her beauty, as she holds you in her arms and makes gentle love to you for hours, your cries rising and falling amongst the splashing of the water.”

Gee, Anthracite. That’s lovely. Probably too long to sig, but…let me see what I can do.

How’s this?

Until the hot water runs out, at least.
Seriously people, move this outta the pit. Flirt thread in two posts? This is MPSIMS shit.

Damn. That’s where previewing got me.

John - Done and don-er.

The keys to good quotes are to take them out of context, like movie blurbs, use them even further out of context, and, if you make them up, make sure that fact cannot be proven, whether by placing the quote at a time when you knew the person was drunk and was an unreliable witness who COULD have said it or else when the server crashed and ate all the posts.

IMHO, too many people use valuable siggy space for self promotion.

Check this action out:

Thank you, John Corrado! Gosh, I feel like a real poster now!

Oops, what happened?

Ah, there; I think I have it now.

(Hey, when you’ve never had a sig before, you’re not used to them, OK?)

Hamlet agrees with elf6c

Hamlet agrees with elf6c

What do you know, Dragonblink? Nobody on these boards knows who I am IRL, either! (at least, I don’t think so) So like you, I can see if people here will validate my feelings and raise my self-esteem! :smiley:

That’s probably why I don’t have a quote from someone in my sig! Besides, nobody’s said anything sufficeintly worthy about me yet to be included in a sig! :smiley:

An unescapable law of message boards: If your post makes reference to your sig, you’ll forget to include your sig line.

elf6c, you have the wisdom of a porn star, the wit of Solomon, and the endowment of the Algonquin round table- I tread the very ground you worship upon.