"Hey, that's great" - movie dialogue?

A local radio station used to play a snippet of dialogue - a man’s voice saying “Hey, that’s great” - a couple of times a week. It sounded a little like Ben Stein from Ferris Bueller saying “Bueller? Bueller?”, but in a more lively (and not purposefully boring) tone of voice, with almost a laid-back-California vibe. Slight emphasis on the last word of the phrase.

Anyone recognize that?

Sounds like Jim Carrey in “I Love You Phillip Morris”.

No, it definitely predated that. This was at least five or so years ago.

Could it be Office Space? It uses the word “great” a lot. Here’s a clip where two of the characters say, that would be great."

That sort of sounds like it. Hmmm. Maybe that’s it.

When I worked in a radio station, we used to periodically get comedy cuts that we could use as drop-ins during radio shows. Some were clips from movies, but others were just non-sequiters recorded in a studio for stations to use.

10-1, it’s Lumbergh from office space.

IMDB lists 12 possibilities…

I have a very strong feeling that it’s Joel and the bots from MST3K, but I can’t find any confirmation.

WAIT! Is thisit?

I don’t have the answer, but I do remember hearing it in radio spots. I just don’t remember whether they were part of a commercial, or just a stock radio drop.

Does it include “man” at the end? I have a definite memory of a clip with either Cheech or Chong (I never really knew whose voice was whose) saying that.

I don’t remember “man” at the end, and it didn’t sound clipped off prematurely, but I don’t know, man.

Daves not here, man.

Whoa - I’m 90% sure that’s it! What’s that from?

I’m pretty sure that’s Office Space.

According to the source page for the .wav, it’s The Richard Bey Show.

Oh god I love that movie! Btw, that line is “That’d be great” which means nothing on its own as a quote, but as you know from seeing the film and hearing the quote in context, hearing it anywhere in any context from now on will be enough to start a fit of giggles.