Hey, the AOL icon boinked Sharon Stone

Since he’s broadband now, did he do it 10 times faster?

I just hope he didn’t pick up a virus!

ummmm huh? :confused:


Maybe someone can find a free link to the ad online.

Let’s see, the AOL icon guy has no hands or feet. Makes me wonder what other appendage he doesn’t have. :smiley:

Very weird. After satisfying her he runs away but she’s too blissed out to really care.
And I thought the Roadrunner ads were annoying.

[George Bizet]Whooooooooaooooooooaoooooooooaoooooooooa…[/Bizet]

[sub]With that and the Pepsi thing, that’s supposed to be him rolling in his grave[/sub]

who hasn’t boinked Sharon Stone? That’s like saying the AOL Icon boinked Madonna…

Well I haven’t boinked Sharon Stone, where can I sign up?

Not interested in Madonna, though.

I didn’t realize that was Sharon Stone until I read this! Where the hell have I been…

…some careers go nowhere but up…

He’s getting more action than the Dell Dude.

But apparently Sharon Stone goes down.

At least, that’s what the AOL icon told me…


I’m with Rosebud – I had no idea who that was.

Guess the komodo dragon wasn’t doing it for her anymore.

And now instead of hearing “You’ve got mail”, everytime I open AOL I have to listen to “I’ve had her”.