Hey, there, Kiddies! Step right up!

Instead of pulling an aha or something, I’m going to put everything that’s running through me right now in one thread.

I like fruit pop. Fresca, strawberry, grape, orange, cream soda (technically a root, I suppose), dammit, gimme the fruit pop! Yummers!

I just ate most of a steak so large that it couldn’t be covered completely by a single full size paper towel. Home grown, corn-fed steer. Ohh, yeah.

Now I have heartburn from the amount of A-1 consumed with said steak.

Gallager is not funny.

I wish mom would buy more sugar-based candy. Most of our snacks here are chocolate based. Blargh. Gimme sugar!

I need to blow my nose.

Some lady called me a liar right to my face today when I was talking to her friend about computers. I told her about the track record for CD-Burners (normally pretty short life span, they burn out pretty quick sometimes) she called me a liar. I told her I had had gone through two in two years. She told me I didn’t know what I was doing, and must have installed it wrong. No, sorry. These things burn out, lady. Fuck you.

Today sucked. I sold lots of shit, but didn’t get accessories or service on most of them.

I’ve been at Best Buy since September. I make $7.50 an hour. I normally sell about $50 - $75 an hour in service alone. Not counting computers, monitors, printers, scanners, or accessories. JUST on service plans. I want to ask for a raise to $10 an hour, but I keep putting it off because I know my boss (he’s a prick) will give me shit about being late most of the time (I’m usually 5-15 minutes late cuz I live about half an hour from work. There’s no accounting for traffic. And I DO make an effort to get there on time!) But dammit, I’m worth it! I probably earn BB about $200 an hour, if not more! $10/hr is NOT too much to ask… is it?

My back hurts. Not my lower back, but my upper.

I just drank the final glass of pop. Warm Pepsi One. Yuck.



I go with you on Gallager is not funny.

and also, if you’ll excuse me a moment,
I need to blow my nose.

Fresca blows.

I’d kill for a steak the size of a post-it.

The Sledge-O-Matic is a comedy classic.

My mom doesn’t buy me candy anymore. But if she did, she’d buy me sugar-based candy 'cause she loves me.

CD-burners are the most over-rated pieces of dreck on the market today.

I’ve never bought an accessory or service package.

If I were your boss, I’d give you a $10 an hour raise. And dock you a buck an hour for every minute you were late.

You’ve made my head hurt.

No soda left aboard. Only bug juice.

These are the only points in which I disagree with you Homer.

I agree with you on most of those, Chief.

I wouldn’t buy the service or accessories either. They are so f’n over priced it’s not even funny! Sheesh! To tell the truth, the only reason I even sell them is because my boss rides my ass if I don’t.

And no, I shouldn’t be late. I try not to be.

Wait a minute… didn’t you disagree with me on EVERY point?

Oh, and I might be able to swing a 3/4 inch thick, 24 - 32 oz steak your way when you come back home again… if I haven’t eaten them all… mmmmm… one year old steer… nicely aged… sooo tender…