Hey Tuckerfan, lookee here

I’ve been watching the first two seasons of Titus. In the episode “Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!”, Titus is at a car show. In the background is a Tucker.
Pic 2
Pic 3

Any idea if it’s real?

Papa Titus refers to it as “a handcrafted Tucker”.

Mind if I chime in?

That’s one of Bob Ida’s 50 reproduction Tuckers, in fact the first one if I’m not mistaken.

Bob Ida has a hot rod shop in Old Bridge, NJ, close to Raceway Park. He took a mold off one of the few remaining real Tuckers, laid up fiberglass bodies, had a hot rod chassis shop (I forget which one) build tubular steel frames, and he sold them as kits. They mount a Northstar overhead-cam multi-valve V8 engine and transaxle from a front-drive Cadillac in the back, where the real Tucker’s engine was. He only built 50 kits because there were only 50 original Tuckers built.

I figured it had to be a copy. It would be unthinkable for someone to slam such a rare car.

Actually, he’s still selling the kits, he only built 50 turnkeys (for $125K, IIRC, a steal compared to the $500K for a real one).

And worse things have been done to real Tuckers. There’s one in Brazil that’s just rotting away, and one had the frame and engine ripped out and replaced with that from a Mercury. They cut louvers in the front end for the engine! (Supposedly, the current owner is going to restore her back to original condition.)