While driving around today, I happened to pass a Tucker. My first thought was gee, those are so rare I’m really surprised we have one around here. My second thought was that Tuckerfan probably would have loved to have seen it.

I didn’t get a pic, but it looked a lot like this one, only it was green (that ugly pale green that was popular back in the 40’s):

Cool. Mighta been a replicar, though.

The only Tucker I’ve ever seen up-close (aqua green, IIRC) was part of the collection at Florida’s Bellm’s Cars and Music of Yesterday, which is now known as the Sarasota Classic Car Museum. Most of the fifty cars Preston Tucker turned out are on display in this film.

Wow. Where did you see that? Was he driving around Hanover?

Yep, was right here in Hanover, heading east on Grandview, not too far from Nell’s (Shurfine).

Is there a car show this weekend in Carlisle?

Sure it wasn’t a Studebaker? There’s a couple years of Studebakers that look a lot like Tuckers. In checking the Tucker Club’s photo page, there are two Tuckers in PA, but none of them are the color you describe. And none of the Tuckers appear to be the exact shade of green you describe. Of course, some of the photos aren’t exactly the best, so it’s possible that the one you saw was, in fact, a real Tucker (some of the owners are brave enough to drive their $500,000 car on the street). I’ll check with the folks at the Club to see if there’s a show at Carlise this weekend and if a Tucker’s going to be there.

Very neat. I’m clueless about the carshow, though.

After looking at pics of each, no, I’m not sure.

It’s common mistake, so don’t feel bad. And in a way, “Bulletnosed” Studebakers have contributed to the history of Tuckers, since it was a customized bulletnose which was rolled in the film (which is a shame, since Studie’s are nice cars, IMHO).

I was lucky enough to work on Tucker: A Man and His Dream. I saw almost every Tucker in existance on a daily basis for a while there. I got one (1) ride in the back seat of one that had no back seat.

They approached the local car clubs for vintage Brand X cars to set the scene. My car got $100 a day and I got only $50 as an extra. Free, cool, period haircut though.

My '39 pearl-grey Cadillac can be barely seen in the background in three different scenes.

After the kid yells “Here come the Tuckers” I can be not seen asleep in my uncles two-tone green '33 Plymouth Business Coupe.

Jeff Bridges is cool.

According to the folks on the Mopar board I hang out on, there is one today. Still no word if there’s going to be a Tucker there or not.

Rich Mann what color was the Tucker?

Tuckerfan, it was deep blue, IIRC.

Tuckerfan, once I’d gotten past thinking “Why should he shout so loud about being an Enterprise fan?” :wink: I looked up the actual Tucker, quite a nice looking car indeed :slight_smile:

So you going to welcome me to the boards? :wink:

Rich Mann, hmm, the only one I know of that was undergoing a “restoration” at that time (and technically it wasn’t being restored, since it had never been assembled) is Chick DeLorenzo’s and his is maroon, but that doesn’t mean anything. Wonder who it belonged to?

Tuckerfan, I don’t remember his name, but he was grey-haired and short. I got the impression that his growth might have been stunted by polio. He always wore a hat.

I don’t think the car was being restored–I think it was missing it’s seat because it had never been completely assembled.

Hmm. AFAIK, all Tuckers are complete, save the one in Brazil (which may or may not be missing an engine), have to check with the folks at the club and see what they have to say about it. There’s plenty of spares floating around. Quite often they show up on eBay (I got outbid on a heater once).