Hey TV producer - Steal my series idea.

A very wealthy American is not so wealthy. On the surface, he displays great confidence and lives an opulent playboy life (even though he is married). Underneath, his businesses cannot make enough money to sustain themselves. The cracks are forming and soon the dam will break.
It does.
He is struggling to reorganize, to retain whatever wealth he can. He made fantastic blunders. He didn’t listen to his aids. He is essentially broke.
Enter the Russian mob. They see a great opportunity to break into the American market using this vulnerable businessman as a pawn. He is happy to put himself back on top. The Russians are happy to get their fingers in the American pie.
He is rich again. He is on top again. He becomes an American icon.
But the Russian see a great opportunity. This man could be a president. It’s a long shot but with the right pushing and pulling, it could be done.
Then. the unthinkable - the Russians have a plant in the Oval Office. The most powerful man in America is a puppet of the Russian state.
I know, I know. But wouldn’t it be great to see it on TV. What a story!

It’s almost like Arrested Development, which also featured some “light treason.”

No one will buy it. Science fiction is out.

There’s no way a guy like that could get 60 million Americans to vote for him.

You know, I was looking forward to whatever silly idea was going to be written here.

But, no, it’s stupid politics.

Can’t even escape it in Cafe Society


It was in the OP.

Would you rather we discuss the remake of Heil, Honey, I’m Home? :slight_smile:

Oh, wait, we were. Carry on!

Do I really need to explain why I’m closing this?