Hey Twixter, regarding this thread closure...


Thank you.

Heh. Twix 69’d the thread!

Didn’t go far enough, IMO. Break out that ban hammer, dammit!

We used to enjoy visits from the lunatic fringe. What happened to us, man?

The OP is a masterfully crafted satire of Karol’s OPs, I can feel it.

The lunatic fringe used to be entertaining and put some effort into it. karol is just a jerk, and a lazy one at that.

That’s not a lunatic. That someone witnessing. I can see it either closed, wrong forum, or moved to GD, witnessing. I like the choice that was made.

De nada.

I, more than anyone, enjoy the LF. Really I do. But the OP of that thread wasn’t willing to address the OVERWHELMING facts against their viewpoint. It was straight up witnessing.

Also, I’m not a big fan of Twix’s early closings and have been vocal about it in the past so it’s only fair that I give her props when she gets it right (in my highly biased opinion).

I’m just upset I wasn’t able to link to this video explaining the function of distance on apparent size. I missed the close window by mere seconds!

Ha ha you got me!