Hey...what do you think about this..."child abuse?"

Now, I was searching something and happened to come accross a website, www.distefano.com, where they sell fake corpses and other items like…that. Anyway, I then started reading there “Hate Mail” section (I like to read hate mail). So, I’m reading, and I see where people are posting things about them making fun of dead people, and basically just “hate mail”. Then, I saw where another poster started saying something about making fun of children. So, I thought there were referring to them selling fake baby corpses…which I was very anxious to see. I then clicked off of hate mail and started searching for the pictures where they “made fun of children.” It was never dead baby corpses. However, it was this: [URL=http://http://www.distefano.com/GRAPHICS/baby1.jpg]. When I first saw it, I gave off a laugh. Which I didn’t really “mean” to do anyway. I regreted it afterwards. Now, I thought nothing wrong w/ the fake corpses of old woman and men. But, however, the picture I provided above did upset me. But, not to the point where I really cared enough to send them “hate mail.” Anyhow, I would just like to know what SDMB users think about it?
By-the-way, if the picture doesn’t work just go the main website and go to Corpse Gallery.

Correction: http://www.distefano.com/GRAPHICS/baby1.jpg

Whoa, that site was … thought provoking.

No, I do not think this is child abuse. The baby on the lap of the corpse is just uncomfortable because he is in a strange situation, or he is just uncomfortable, period. And babys feel uncomfortable all the time, they just are not often photographed when crying. But I can see why the photographer thought it could make a interesting picture.
As I see it, the baby is sitting on a piece of rubber thas has no odor, and does not feel unpleasant. It would be the same as placing him on a strange wicker padded designers’ couch.
The baby, unlike the people who see the picture, has no idea of what a corpse is, and why it should disgust him.

The 5-year old girl in the other picture looks like she really enjoys being in on the joke.

My guess it that these are the children of the corpse-designer himself.

The picture in the link is somewhat amusing, if you’re into that sort of thing…

[sub]No, I don’t know what sort of think I’m talking about so don’t ask.[/sub]

Does not bother me one way or t’other. Then again, I always figure, if you don’t like it don’t look.

I saw this last year and almost passed out from laughing so hard. I don’t know why. I have small children and would never do such a think. I too felt bad later, yet still laugh today. Its just so wrong. Go figure.

Abuse? No.

Sick and twisted? Yeah.

Christ, some people! Children know the difference, even at that age, between a kind smiling face and a horrible disfigured face. I was not overwhelmed with emotion when I saw this picture, but what does bother me is that some sicko thought it would be funny to make a baby cry and snap a picture of it. That’s a pretty warped sense of humor as far as I am concerned.

I agree completely, although we don’t know for sure that this baby has been in such a position as to see the face of this fake corpse.

When I was a wee little Brutus, and was attending my first day of school, Mom forced me to wear a pseudo-sailor outfit, repleat with buckled blue shoes. THAT was abuse.

Sitting a kid on a fake corpse? It’s really weird, but not really ‘abuse’. I doubt the kid in question is aware of much more then the stinky mess in his diapers and the fact that he is hungry.

Or if the whole thing was done with Photoshop. It’s still messed up though.

Here’s three other pics of the same thing…
Pic #2
Pic #3
Pic #4

Looks like the same baby, but #2 and #3 were taken about 2 months later, than the first one, and #4 was taken about 6 months later than the first one. #2 and #3 looked like the baby didn’t much care, but in #4, I think the baby was aware that he’s not in a humans lap, and scared.

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