Hey Whats Up

Hey guys whats up, im new here. This site is very cool. How are you guys so smart?, anyway, I’m not sure if I will subscribe or not, 15 bucks is alot of money.

Just wanted to say hey,


“15 bucks is alot of money.”

Nah, only three trips to Burger King. Besides, we’re worth it.

'Sup with the Grady username and signing off as Mike?

Oh, yeah, welcome! :slight_smile:

Well, I think it alot for a forum. i mean 15 bucks once is ok, but 15 a year, to a 15 year old is quite alot, i like to save up my money.

My name is Mike grady, someone gave me the nickname shadygrady, and i use that.

Well hello there ShadyGrady - welcome!

You underestimate the length of a year. $15 a year is about 3 cents a week or 1.25 a month. surely a tiny amount even for a student.

Anyway, welcome, and I think you’ll find that $15 a year is worth it for by far the best MB on the internet.

Dude, I’ve been a guest for almost a month and I think I’m going to take the plunge and pay the cash. I’ve gotten some good advice, had a few laughs and I’ve had the shit flamed out of me. It’s a blast!

Plus, if you don’t know how to argue, you’ll learn reeeeeeeal quick around here.

How are Bubba, Fred, and Slick Skillet these days?

Why are there two threads with this title by this poster?