Hey Whats Up

Hey guys whats up, im new here. This site is very cool. How are you guys so smart?, anyway, I’m not sure if I will subscribe or not, 15 bucks is alot of money.

Just wanted to say hey


Speaking only for myself, I got this smart by draining the spinal fluid of newborn babies and injecting it directly into my cerebellum.

Anyway, hope you stick around. Got any kids?

Ditto what Miller said, except for the weird stuff.

If anyone mentions goats in this thread, run away as fast as you can. You’ve been warned. :slight_smile:

Cream rises to the top. That’s why we’re all here.

Excuse me, my goat is calling.


I’m not smart.

That’s the other personality who sometimes posts as me.

Thanks, Zoe.

And welcome, Shady.

I’m smart because I am not afraid of pretending that I’m ignorant.

Welcome aboard, Shady.

I got smart by subscribing here. No, really…before December of last year, I used to sit in a kiddle pool filled with my own filth, lovingly banging my shinbones with a ball peen hammer named Shirley.

But I’m feeling much better now.

I just limp a bit.

Which only gets in the way when I’m trying to catch goats.

It’s a preposition. Questions regarding factual answer belong in GQ; maybe you should ask a mod to move this thread. :wink:

Has anyone seen my goat?

I think RNATB/dutchboy still has it.

Me no smart. Me just needed place for goat activities.

Actually, GQ is for questions with factual answers; ones regarding answers should go in ATMB or perhaps the Pit, if they were posted by the mods. Or somebody you really, really hate.

Yep, that’s why I am here too. You wouldn’t believe what some of the other message boards on the net charge for goat activities!!

$15 is not a lot of money. Why you could buy any of the following for 14.95:

LapLink Serial Cable
Gaiam Stress Relief Yoga DVD
Serial Music Composer 1.00
Animals, Barnyard Music
Webmaster Color Picker Full

I guarantee a subscription to the SDMB is much much more valuable than any of these items. IANA Debater, but I do have a CITE

I for one welcome our new goat overlords.

What Goat?

Goats figure prominently in discussions of new members’ admission requirements. No need for you to worry, ShadyGrady, the ritual goat is currently needed in PussyCow’s welcome thread.

Welcome to the board! How did you find us?

I wouldn’t tell him there’s nothing to worry about, Scuba. Since the fresh goat is being used in the PussyCow thread, that just means that Shady here gets the used goat… :eek:

Mr. Armadillo and I actually butchered a goat last week, two days before garbage day, precisely so that the leftover bits would be taken out with the trash. Then, for the first time in the whole year that we’ve lived here, the garbage guys showed up at seven in the morning rather than 1:30 in the afternoon and uh… well, if anyone wants some goat parts with an unholy stench, y’all are welcome to come pick up our garbage can. We don’t want it back. We may actually burn down our garage.
Now where did I put that barfy smiley…

Hey, ShadyGrady!
How’s it going, gentleman or lady?
I welcome you to the Straight Dope Boards,
Glad you had $14.95 you could affords.
Thanks for your “hey” post to us.
Just ignore Hal and Rufus
who are clearly out of their gourds :wink: