I confess: I've been guestwhoring this board.

I hope that the title isn’t against board rules (you guys seem to have a sense of humor, so I’ll go for it).

I’ve been abusing the one-month policy. I’ve had about five guest accounts in two years (and this is my second straight). Anyone remember FrantzJ, about a month ago? Me. I’ve had maybe three other accounts here in the past two years.

I want to join, but I can’t convince myself it’s worth the money. I don’t want to admit that I like this board. $14.99? So much money! Think of what I could do with that money! And of course, that would be admiting that I’m going to keep using the computer so much, as opposed to living under the illusion that I will suddenly get a life.

If anyone wants to convince me that it is completely noble to pay 15 decent American dollars to join this board, please do so. I want to join…but…but…


Well, let me be the first to say goodbye to AlDiMiFingOla (since you’ll probably be banned for multiple handles) and hello to whatever name you choose when you decide to pony up the $15! It’s really not that much money for a whole year’s worth of posting.

The moderators and administrators do NOT have a sense of humor in regards to rule requiring one username per person. So, let me be the 2nd person to say bye.

To respond to your Q: membership here is worth the $$$ to some people but not to others. Your Mileage May Vary.

You can get advice here that is better than what you’d have to pay thousands for elsewhere, and without having to travel the globe to get it.
All with moderators who actual RESEMBLE even-handed, impartial and sane.
The moderation by itself justifies the $15. This is the ONLY board I’ve ever seen with this quality of moderation, although it appears we get about three or four major goofs per year.
Neither I nor any other poster can persuade you to join if what you’ve seen in two years of reading the 'Dope hasn’t helped you make that decision.

It is very much against our rules to have multiple accounts, guest or otherwise. Your guest period is beyond over – do not register another or you will permanently lose posting privileges here, forever and ever.

I’ll go ahead and ban this guest account – email an admin (e.g. Tubadiva@aol.com) to arrange to have one of your usernames activated if and when you’re ready to pay to post.