Hey, where's my license?

I sent in the renewal fee for my driver’s license a couple weeks ago. The old license expired on my birthday (Sunday), so I’m without a valid license. Although I imagine I could still use it as ID, if the person is just going to eyeball it and not check the expiry date.

Right now, I can’t get my car out of the driveway, so I can’t say that I’m “driving around” with an expired license. And even if I could get the car fixed at this time, the current gas prices will keep me pretty much homebound anyway. Still, I’m gonna need it eventually.

So where is it?

If you sent the fee in by check, find out if the check has been cashed. If it has call the bank and get a front and back copy of it and take it to the DMV or where ever you get it renewed and have them make your license then. Otherwise, if it hasn’t been cashed your going to have to take the fee in and explain what is going on. Sorry your having so much trouble.

Hm. Unfortunately, I sent a money order.

I’ll give it one more day to show up, then I’ll go in.

Money orders are a PAIN to track and take FOREVER. (Sorry flashback of tracking one.)
The only thing one more day might hurt is you.
You might try calling the DMV and seeing if they are behind (most govt. offices are). If they are, ask how long it should be before you receive your new license.
In the meantime see if you have info on the MO cause you might have to track it.

How much is the fee for renewal?

Yeah, if the fee isn’t that much it’s not worth tracking.

The fee was $15.