Hey, y'all, I just saw Calamity Jane on "The Mentalist" last night

Hoping the title pulls you in long enough to realize this is not just about Robin Weigert who was Calamity Jane on “Deadwood” (2004).

No, it’s for identifying actors whose role in some other memorable production has seared its way into your mind enough that that role is the first (maybe only) one to pop up when you see that actor in something else.

Yes, I’m aware there’s a recent thread dealing with similar issues of actors being tied to roles.

This is more for identifying the specific ones that almost always work for you.

I mentioned elsewhere about seeing Brutus from “Rome” in one of the Masterpiece Classic Jane Austen things recently. It took pausing the show long anough to figure out that that’s where I had seen him before.

I’m still checking for that gal on “Grey’s Anatomy” last night who was so recognizable but I can’t place where.

If you examine Ms. Weigert’s credits you’ll see she’s done a lot since “Deadwood” but I just haven’t seen those other things. But I recognized her squint immediately and wondered how recently she might have bathed.

Robin Weigert played Juliet’s sister on Lost.

Also on The Mentalist last night was Jon Polito, who I have always liked, but the one I recognise him for is his small turn as the Police Detective called in to look for Stuart Little.

Yet to see my first episode (all the way through anyway) of Lost. Not my cup of tea.

Polito was in Miller’s Crossing and that’s where I had him visualized.

That gal on Grey’s I’m trying to identify looks a bit like 13 on House. Can’t find a cast list on the episode from last night.

Here’s her IMDB page. I recognized her too, but I still can’t figure out from which of the roles listed. Maybe HIMYM - The Naked Man.

Nope, I remember now. Human Target - Rewind. She was the flight attendant Chance connected with who

turned out to be a bad guy and fell to her death.

That’s the gal. She was also a baddie on Dexter which is where I “remembered” her from.

Thanks, Turek!

If I knew how to do the side-by-side thingies I’d put Courtney Ford and Olivia Wilde together for that “separated at birth” thread.

I suppose by now the Kim Raver appearances on Grey’s have quit reminding folks of Audrey Raines?

We’ve recently started watching “The Shield” and this happens all the time. There are a ton of people we’ve recognized, but the two that stick out are **Carlos Mencia **in season one as a witness or suspect or something, and **Ken Jeong **(Senor Chang from “Community”) as a sketch artist.

Oh, and did anyone watching “Parks & Rec” last night catch the actor who played Dean on “Weeds” as the nightclub owner that Tom does business with?

Marty McFly’s principal.

Until I looked him up on IMDB, I thought Dean was Doug and that surely you would have seen those bodybuilder guys on SNL. I admit Dean is not one of those household faces.

Just this week there was a contestant on Jeopardy! who looked like a good match for Elizabeth Perkins, but Damn! that IMDB picture looks almost nothing like Elizabeth. They surely get some funky pictures for people!

Only if you wedge me between the two of them! :smiley:

The hubby is British so we tend to watch a lot of BBC America.

We just started watching the series “Survivors” (not to be confused with the US “reality show” Survivor) and I was going CRAZY trying to place The Convict. His face was familiar but his voice & accent really stood out. Where had I seen/heard him before? Fortunately, IMDB is my friend and I learned that he was the lead in “Hotel Babylon.”

All hail IMDB!

This was kind of hard.

I picked out the child actor who played Zero in the movie Holes when he was older and in disfiguring make-up for an episode of House M.D.

(you can see a side shot of him playing a young man with an Elephant Man type condition in the middle of the page of the second link)

Very nice find! I was aware makeup had to be a big part of the House effort, but that’s amazing!

I keep recognizing actors from Oz and The Wire, but it’s been too long since I watched either show, so I’ll forget which show they were on, and some of them were on both so that doesn’t help. :slight_smile:

Wallace and D’Angelo from The Wire both showed up on the new season of Friday Night Lights. It was really nice to see both of them again.