Hey Ya'll Look at this

Can you guys check out my webpage and sign my guestbook please…
I gotta get more hits than my wife…
Here it is


I did it, but the page didn’t really do anything for me. Any pics coming of your wife sometime soon? :wink: :smiley:

I’ll have to see what i can do…lol
also, I know that i really need a better camera, but I was playing around while the kids were sleeping this morning and decided to make it, even if the pictures suck…notice that i put up the link to the Dope though

Added 3 hits to your counter.

Girls are cute in their dresses but you could probably get more hits if you were the one in the dress. Yeah, a wedding dress - with some snide remarks.

You know that guy on ebay had over 1 million hits.

Which way to the wife’s page? :smiley:

Okay, ya got mine.

Well, shit, man, why the hell not?

Heh, now that I’ve checked out your webpage, you can check out mine… (although broadband - or patience - is required… lots of movie clips, don’tcha know).

It’s a very nice shade of green, the link from the guestbook to the main page is borked though. The kids are too cute for words, they must take after their mom. :smiley:

Done, and done.

And these other comments are quite correct. Geez Louise, those are some cute kids.

I think I just broke it!


I’d love to but I can’t get to the page.

Hey, don’t be stealing credit from me! I was able to access it four minutes before you weren’t able to access. I broke it! :smiley:

You guys are great. Thank you. And yeah, the kids do look like thier mother.
I’m gonna fix the message board now.

oops…I meant the guest book. Guess I just had message board on my mind…