Hey Zeldar: ENOUGH!

How many fucking polls do you have to start in a single week?

-Who was the most beautiful celebrity of the 1950s-1960s?
-Who was the most beautiful FEMALE celebrity of the 1950s-1960s?
-Who was the most beautiful FEMALE celebrity of the 1950s-1960s? (Second Pass) (WTF?!?! One wasn’t enough?)
-Southern Dopers ID Yourselves
-In which 5-year period were you born?
-How often do you check in at SDMB?
-Another look at “active users” at SDMB (an older one that recently got bumped)
-Do you like Kanye West?

I believe some of them are repeats of ones you had years ago.
And almost none of them are for discussion – it seems you just like to list data. Some of them turned into discussions – but you never added to them, except to make your little lists. If I were a mod, I’d only allow you to have ONE poll open at a time. I cannot be the only one who’s annoyed by this shit. Please, for the love of god, just cut this shit out!

You are not required to open the threads if you see my name on them.

The invariable answer of the stupid annoying bore who thinks everyone wants to ride his personal hobby-horse. Get a fucking blog. If you like masturbating over statistics so much, you could call it Standard Deviation.

You do realize though, by constantly starting threads, you’re pushing down everyone else’s, and basically spamming the boards?

Or a database program.

To leave room for things like these:

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Perfect opportunity to start a poll there Guin. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bullshit. I’ve barely even noticed them. You have to have a bee up your bonnet to even notice that many threads in a forum that has 50+ on each page.

And you admitted that you’re just annoyed. Being annoyed is not a justification for attacking someone. Annoyance is a fact of life. Get the fuck over yourself and move on. The Pit is for actual grievances, not someone having to skip a line on a page.

I have to scroll past your posts a lot. That’s even more lines. Do I go out and pit you over it? And I actually have reasons to hate you, since you are a bitch sometimes. Zeldar has never even has mean words to say to people. He didn’t even attack you here, when he had every right to do so.

Zeldar has done nothing wrong. He’s posted threads that other people are interested in, and you aren’t. He has a hobby you don’t like.

It’s fucking stupid to get angry over that.

Well, yeah. You’re retarded. You barely notice anything.

Seems like the OP should direct her ire at respondents to those thread. If no one responded, they’d sink like stone. I have to admit feeling kind of taken when I responded to one those threads. Sometimes you don’t look to see who the OP is. Thing is, this MB is chock full of people who are just dying to show how smart/well read/etc they are, and given the chance, they’re (we’re) gong to take the bait. It is the nature of this MB.

But in the end, it’s in one of the chatty forums, not GD. Those are meant for light hearted fun, so maybe you should just roll with the punches.

At last BigT and I are in agreement.

What a silly and over the top OP…in both senses.

Will Zeldar’s polls help me lose belly fat?

CMC fnord!

Wow, that’s cool! You should pepper this thread with updates on all the threads Guin starts! Make sure you include the dates and times she starts them so we can all update our own spreadsheets.

ETA: Oh yeah, and make sure you let us know who was the last person to reply to her thread, because that’s vital information.


Zeldar’s a bit of an odd duck, sure, but I don’t really see what the harm is. Dude just likes statistics.

He may like statistics, but that’s not what his threads are about. His threads are all about lists, and nothing more. He never provides any kind of analysis or insight into the topics he’s polling about. Just lists of responses to his dumbass polls.

And no one has implied there is any harm in all this. We’re just saying it’s fucking stupid.

Your hate has made you powerful.

That’s my thinking. If the guy has an audience, clearly he fills a void in some people’s sad, empty lives. Hell, I’m sure I’ve responded to a few :slight_smile:

I totally agree with the OP, and was going to start a pit thread myself. Do we really need three exhaustive threads (so far), each with data analysis, to determine the most beautiful woman of the 50s-60s?

I’d be a lot more sympathetic if it were a discussion of just why they were beautiful, but no, it’s just a cold, sterile assigning of points. It’s like watching a robot conducting a survey on washing powders, over and over again. Shit, even running a poll on “which actress did you wank to?” would at least have the virtue of being human.

Way out loud.