hGH for regeneration of connective tissue?

I have some bad joints from working out and a motorcycle accident, namely my finger, shoulder and knee. They are doing ok, but I want better than ok. I have tried physical therapy and Active Release, which helped, but long term-wise I am going to end up with degenerate joints if I don’t do something about it, for sure.

Question is, how can GH help me? What form of it could help me? What are the risks? ect. I have had permanent tendonitis-like symptoms in my finger for the past year and a half, an all-around bad shoulder, and a previously operated on (arthroscopy) knee from scrapped cartilage on the back of my kneecap, which is holding up fairly well for jogging and biking (no lifting, too afraid). I am a healthy 23 year old male in decent shape.

I have researched Prolotherapy and found it to be unreliable and unproven.

I have researched Active Release and tried it, with good results on my shoulder but not on my finger. However, I feel that the release techniques will not help the larger problem I have in my shoulder, and certainly not my knee.

What other options do I have? (Surgery being out of the question).

I really need some help! Any good sites are welcome too, if there are any out there… I’ll be looking in the meantime. Thanks.

I copied this out of an article on HgH (I perfer not to give the website), but from that article it sounds like it’s really only beneficial for older people or people with specific diseases. But, it wouldn’t hurt to buy or get the book at the library and see what they say:

“Those wishing more detail on HGH, as well as an excellent technical HGH bibliography, are referred to the excellent book; Grow young with hGH by Ronald Klatz and Carol Khan (San Francisco, Harpers 1997).”


The above book that James South MA refers to is available directly from the American Academy of Antiaging Medicine, of which Dr. Ronald Klatz is a founder. To order a copy telephone (USA) 773 528 1000. Of course we advocate all our pharmaceutical products to be used under the guidance of a physician, and this is particularly true of HGH. Apart from the fact that the product is injected, age, body weight and current blood levels (often monitored as IGF-1) set the doses. Long term administration can then be reduced when blood levels of younger persons are reached (normally considered around 25 years of age).