HGTV designer of old. I can't remember her name.

Waaaay back in the dawn of time when HGTV was new, there was a designer who I really liked. I think she had a show in Canada about decor painting before she came to HGTV and she and Candace Olsen were my very favorite designers. At the time she was a big interior design star.

She had more than one show, I think, but the one I remember best was she would sneak into a well-deserving homeowners home while family accomplices kept that person in the dark and usually far away. It was like While You Were Out but on a much bigger, grander scale. The homeowner was gone for at least a weekend and sometimes longer. She had her own trucks with her logo on them. She was blond, nice but a bit pushy in that designer way. I can see her face but I cannot, for the life of me, remember her name.

While I’m here asking designer TV questions, does anyone remember a show where a psychologist and an interior designer got together to help families with troubled children or special needs kids? It wasn’t on for that long, so I may be the only one who remembers it.

Probably not it, but who knows:

Surprise by Design with Robert Verdi and (when I watched it) Rebecca Cole, a pushy blond.

Was it Genevieve Gorder, of “Dear Genevieve”?

No, not Surprise By Design. Just the one blond woman who ran the whole show. Genevieve is still around. She was on the redo Trading Spaces. This woman was EVERYWHERE and then, poof!, she was gone.

I can’t answer your question, but here’s a list of all HGTV shows.

Maybe something will spark a memory?

After skimming the list, was it Candace Olsen?

Blond, Canadian, bunch of shows.

Debbie Travis!

Today I learned that if you go to HGTV’s wiki there is a page that lists EVERY SHOW EVER!. The list is 94 pages long but, luckily, its in alphabetical order. She was such a big deal at the time the name of her show was Debbie Travis’ Facelift. I suppose if it was just Facelift I’d have found it almost as quickly.

I was just going to ask if it was Debbie Travis, but as she is British I figured that would be something you’d remember.

Yeah, found that page. Also, Candace was mentioned in the OP. Loved her. I think HGTV is coming back to design shows a bit. Adding design to their real estate shows.

So it was. Sorry!

Yeah, that accent would have been a good clue. Duh!

Was it Lynnette Jennings? She predated Candace’s show by a bit.

Paige Davis from Trading Spaces?

It was Debbie Travis.

So I gave her a look to see what she’s up to.

She is designing jewelry. She has a wine and she has a Tuscan resort that she designed from the ground up, turning pigsties, a barn and the attached villa into a resort. She runs a branding company which does I know not. Maybe turn pigsties into Debbie Travis’ brand?