Hi all

Well, here I am in the sunny climes of Atlanta. We aren’t totally moved yet, my wife is still in Orlando (Which sucks in a major way), but we will be completely here on the 1st.

My first day at the new job was today. I am going to love it.

On a side note, I have noticed that my previous thread seems to have made a few people think I was leaving the board. Not bloody likely. I will post less, based on time constraints (have you seen the traffic in this burg?). But, I plan to be here for a long time, hopefully bringing some levity and mundanity to the place.

So, throw up your hands and rejoice (or shrug your shoulders and say “Who? Why should I care and when can I get the 5 minutes back I wasted reading this?”). So, at the risk of raising the wrath of the SDMB gods, bring me a troll to filet, a thread that needs to be hijacked, and a post that cries out for a pointless quip that no one but Coldfire and WallyM7 will probably laugh at.

We went right out there and refused to do accoustical versions of the electrical songs that we had refused to record in the first place.


Where’s my side of FUN!?


Right on Mullinator. Congrats on the new job and welcome back. Or I guess that wouldn’t be fitting, since you never really left… Hmmm, could you go away for a bit and then come back again so we can say welcome back for real??? :wink:

Does anybody want the real story on why Mullinator had to find a new job in a new city? He’s an “accountant” that loves playing poker. Now, can I deduct my gambling loses or should I just call them your “fee?”

Depends on how much money you want to lose to me as part of your fee.

And Democritus, I am about to log off, so start the prayer vigil. I’ll be back around 10PM ET, so please put out the incense and cease the goat sacrifices by that point.

Regardless of the weirdness that normally surrounds the goings-on of this board, I really enjoy it, and just wanted to take this moment to thank 99% of the people who are posters here.

OK, first he says this:

And then he asks for this:

For pointless quips, I hereby open the newest MPSIMS contest: make funny, preferably sexual insinuations based on the first quote :smiley:

Welcome back, Mully. I did notice before that we seem to have a similar sense of hunour. Brilliant and always present, in a wet-towel-slapping sort of way :wink:

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Ha! That one must have cracked you guys up!

Humour. And I’m betting some people will STILL say I misspelled it :smiley:

Just get the new Mercedes with built-in internet connection.

Welcome Back! (Though you never left.)

Hi Mull. Congrats and stuff. Glad to see ya.

I like it here-can I stay?
And do you have a vacancy for a Back-scrubber?

Welcome back, so to speak, Mullinator! We rally missed ya, man! :smiley:

And, as one whose hubby is in another country til next year, but MAY be home in May for a short visit, I can certainly empathize. :frowning:

You sing in my consciousness like a counterpoint to my life.

Mully. My pal. You’re back.

Everything okay? You wuz missed.

Hi Mulli! I’m your Quadell.

Wow, how time flies. When I left the board, my 300+ posts were actually a respectably high number! We celebrated PapaBear’s 1000th post with much fanfare. Now PapaBear’s been resurrected (a la Optimus Prime, at least that’s how I imagine it), and it seems every new kid has around a kilopost. Sheesh. :slight_smile:

So anyway, it’s good to meetcha, Mulli.

Your Quadell

Welcome back, Mulli, good to see you.

Hey, Coldfire, you misspelled humor. (someone had to do it :))

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No he didn’t! It’s a french term “huh-nwah” and it’s just like humor, only darker!
Actually, I think he meant to spell it
“hu noir”
heh heh.
Good one, coldfire.

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Welcome to Atlanta, Mully! Just what we need, one more car on the road. ::sigh:: Note to self: start commute 5 minutes earlier because of Mullinator.

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