Wait, don't I know you people?

Dear me it has been a long time since I last posted here. Partially due to a lack of interesting things going on in my life, and partially due to a lack of free time. I hate to say it, but time online was the first thing to go. But, I think I am back with a vengeance.

So, this is everyone’ce chance to say hi, make fun of me, tell me what has gone on around here for the last few weeks, or flirt with me. I will hold no grudges.

If you insist.

Hi. You suck. I’m sick. How YOU doin’?

Hey there, Mullinator! ::bats eyelashes:: ::giggles:: ::flips hair:: Heehee! How’ve you been, stud? ::wink, wink:: Miss me? Ooo, I missed you too! ::giggles:: ::bats eyelashes:: ::whispers something in your ear:: Heehee! You’re so bad, Mulli! Heehee! How 'bout we go somewhere a little more private, huh? ::giggles:: :smiley:

Mullinator, Mullinator, I don’t know any Mullinator…waitaminute, isn’t he the short guy who hates basketball with a passion…yeah that’s it…I think.


I simply refuse to be pulled into this shameful thread of innocent flirtation and cyber sexual messages. Honestly people, have you nothing bett…um, was that Silver Fire that just ran by here in a negligée? OK, I’ll finish that thought in a few moments.


Not likely. :wink:

Mullinator, you bastard! Stick around this time, will ya? You’re one of the few people whose real life mishaps crack me up to the extent that Wally’s posts did. Well, almost. I’m still snickering when I think of your real estate agent urine story.

Welcome back. How’s the wife, the house, the dog?

I’m sleeping with one, near one, and in one. I’ll let you figure out which is which.

And, I promise to be around more. I have so many stories to share in an ever more shameful life.

Mully!! Welcome back. :cool:

I don’t often do this but {{{Mullinator}}}

:::blink blink:::

Mully? Wow! Cool!

Lemme guess–you’re near the wife, sleeping with the house, and in the dog? :smiley:

Hi Mully! Welcome back!

Notice Mully showed up AFTER football season ends, so I can’t make fun of him anymore. :wink:

Welcome back, hon!!

I don’t know you well enough to make fun of you and I have a bit of a hangover so flirting’s out of the question. I guess I’ll just stick to welcoming you back.

Welcome back Mullinator!

Now be a good man and go get me some aspirin.

Of course he’s sleeping in the dog – it’s too dark to read in there…

Hi, Mullster! Remember me? Four years ago? In the pub that one time? Chris’s friend?

Whaddaya mean you don’t remember me? Sure you do! I was there on your wedding day! At the reception! The one with the tray of canapes! I was wearing a white shirt, black trousers, black bowtie! C’mon, you gotta remember…

What about that time we were at that sports match together? Just you, me, and those other 86,000 people? You must have seen me; we were in the same stadium, fer Chrissakes…

No? You still don’t remember me? Well that just hurts, ol’ buddy. I’m crushed, really I am. <sniff>

jr8, were you the one with the hair? Always wore your shirt that particular way? Yeah, I remember you. Long time no see. Where’s that $20 you owe me?

Gee, woodfoot, have a heart and post a link.

Real estate agent urine story? I’ve got to read it!


I was the one without the hair.

Mullet’s back?

Oh wait… That’s a bad haircut…


welcome back, dude! AND I’ll second Coldie-clogs; what’s your latest misha…errrr…adventure?

No, no, the guy with the hair and the shirt was that other guy. I was the one with the nose.