Good morning everyone

Well, it’s been about two years since my last visit. And, I imagine it will be a couple more before I come back to check on responses. But, as a 99er, I still think fondly of this place from time to time.

Holy cow, so much time spent on these boards that now goes to stuff like raising kids. Where are my priorities?


Do you still want that ham sandwich with your name on it in the fridge, or can we toss it?

I saw the Thread Title and flashed on the username. “Hmm, back for a visit.” Hope things are nice IRL for you.


hey Mully. Addicted to real life and can’t make room for the boards, huh?

Welcome back(ish), Mully! You have been missed (but our aim is getting better).

Well, ya gotta come back to check on your Death Pool entry!

You know I’m still waiting to hear the backstory on that “naughty love letters” thread, right?


Nice to see you! Hope things are going well - I’ve thought about you too from time to time!! :slight_smile:

I think I still owe you for that suggestion for the after hours club at the '03 doper convention. Cecil still talks about it.

Well Hello, Mully…!
Yes hello, Mully…!
Its so nice to whose Dead vs “Just Hanging Oooooon…” :smiley:

Hey! I had noticed you weren’t around. That’s an accomplishment for both of us.