Hi. I am here because I was banned in the Democratic Underground

I am here because I told a Bernie supporter that single payer cannot pass Congress in the Democratic Underground website. I hope this website is not censorship-friendly or owned by Pro-Bernie trolls as is the case with DU. Thanks.

One, welcome.

Two, I think you’ll find the mods to be pretty fair-minded, and while the discussions can wax hot at times, it is kept under control.

Three, I suggest you read the FAQ’s and rules for each section, they do differ in what is allowed in the post (i.e., you can say things in the BBQ Pit that will draw warnings or even a suspension in other sections).

Four, post away and see how it goes.

A lot of people get banned here too - depending on who you ask. I’d say about 98% of banned posters say they are banned for something other than blatantly breaking the rules.

Hey there.

I’m one of the moderators here and I welcome you.

We value civility here at the Straight Dope Message Board. I encourage you to read the rules of the board that are contained in the sticky threads at the top of each forum. But basically we value civility and respect for others. Don’t go around flaming or insulting other posters and you should fine. We provide guidance as needed should posters go around losing their tempers.

But no. Here, you won’t be banned due to your political beliefs or statements provided you express the politely.


I am a 100% Clinton supporter and I’ve started threads here opposing the fanatical nature of Bernie’s supporters. I’ve seen President Bill Clinton have difficulties with a Democratic congress in 1993-1994 as well as Obama’s difficulties in 2009-2010. Bernie would have no chance even if the Democrats retake the Senate in 2016 and unless things change, the Republicans will likely control the House.

You certainly won’t get banned for saying that Sanders’ plans are unfeasible. You’ll probably get a lot of people disagreeing with you, but heck, we even have some Trump supporters here, and they’re allowed to stick around.

However, how you say things can be more important than what you’re saying. For instance, insulting posters (outside of the BBQ Pit forum) will get you in trouble. So you’re allowed to say “Sanders’ ideas are unfeasible”, or “Sanders will do everything he can to destroy this country”, or “Sanders is a loser. Trump roolz!”. But you’re not allowed to say “You’re an idiot if you think Sanders has good ideas”, or “Only a loser like you could fall for that line”.

Or feel free to swap the parties in any of those statements; the rules are the same.

We respect everyone here. Welcome. This is not Daily Kos or Democratic Underground, and not Free Republic.

Well, no. Not really. But even total dipsticks are welcome to air their hopeless opinions, provided they don’t break the stickied rules.

Note to Newcomers: some forums have forum-specific rules. Check the different rules in each place.

Welcome. I read DU but never registered.

just joined, but lurked for a while and a long time veteran of another board.

DU is extreme.

I’ve seen people who considered themselves mainstream progressive shocked that they were banned there.

I’ve heard that DU bans for political beliefs, as in if you’re a Blue Dog Democrat, you’re not welcome. Probably not welcome if you’re a mainstream Democrat either. It should really be called Leftist Underground, but whatever.

So, how do you feel about de-clawing your cat and letting it outside?


If the cat elects such treatment after a course of self-criticism and feline privilege awareness, this is entirely acceptable.

Despite its reference to politics, this is not really an elections focused thread.

Off to IMHO, (where bashing other boards for the sake of bashing them will still not be appropriate).


Welcome. I have experienced mods who insert their personal views into moderation and try to shut down reasonable discussion on this board too, but that is rare, and I wasn’t banned over it. I think you’ll be fine.

This is a welcome/just joining thread? Don’t those usually go in MIPSIMS? Anyway, GulfTiger, if you’ve lurked long enough, I’m sure you know about the ice cream. And <sigh> pie (candy is much better)

Aperez77 Welcome to the SDMB. Depending on the forum, you will find (among other things) a fair amount of silliness. I strongly recommend you find out as much as you can about the ice cream before venturing into the basement (not to be confused with the BBQ PIT)

It doesn’t matter, you are subconsciously ruled by your cultural biases and can never truly let go of feline privilege. You just can’t understand until you have experienced life as a dog.


This board is left-leaning, but there is also plenty of space for well-thought out, diverse discussion backed-up with citations. There is also space for opinion as well - as long as things are civil, you will enjoy your time here. Welcome.