Hi Im New

alright, yeah anyone online. Whats this board about?

Hi Genocide. Welcome to the Straight Dope Message Board (SDMB). This board is about a lot of things, but primarily, it could be said that we are about fighting ignorance.

After that, we enjoy debating, fun and games, socialising, the occasional flaming and a good massage in the hot tub !

Why don’t you take a look around the different forums (read what sort of post goes in which forum -> very important) see if it’s your thing or not, and perhaps read up on a few threads to get a feel for the place.

Hope you enjoy the board :smiley:

Ohhh sailor

Uhhh. Welcome. Sorta.
Interesting choice of names, there.

You do know what that word means, don’t you?

er… hi.

Any chance you’d like to reconsider your choice of user name? I’m sure one of our friendly administrators would be happy to swap it over to something a little less creepy. How 'bout fluffy bunny rabbits or something like that?

yyyyeeeessssssssssssss I do, don’t worry though im not like that, I just like the sound of the word. but I do practice satantanic rituals

I sacrifice fluffy bunny rabbits in my dark rituals thier beneath me

And I name myself genocide because i love that song by offspring called genocide, r into heavy stuff, rock, ska, punk rock etc… someone musta heard it

This forum is to ask questions about the message board, and not to discuss one’s religious beliefs / practices. Please read carefully the description of the fora on the main page, and if you are not sure where to start a thread after reading that description, please contact a staff member (moderator or administrator.)