Hi, I've Got a Drinking Problem

Hello, my name is Trevor and I have a drinking problem.

I think it all started, if i remember correctly, at TGIF or some other sit-down type restaurant. I’m happily eating my chicken fingers and drinking my Coke before I realize I’ve just run fresh out. Before I can turn, the waitress comes over and replaces my favorite carbonated beverage with a fresh one. “But I wasn’t really thirsty…yet.” Well, I can’t just let it go to waste…better drink it up. So I do. And another one takes its place. They keep putting sugary carbonated brown liquid in front of me. I keep drinking it. If you keep putting drinks in front of me, I can’t help myself! Then I start getting yelled at by my budd’s mom, who is a nurse and complaining that I’ll have no calcium left in my body because pop leeches it all out of your bones (she should know better, you’ve gotta drink a LOT to do it…but I’m also well on my way to being there).

Well, that’s my story…

I hope it can help others in their time of need.

I have little or no power over my need to drink than new Vault “energy drink” soda.

I have a drinking problem like that guy in the movie Airplane!. I tend to miss my mouth a lot, although most of the time it doesn’t end up in my ear. It’s even worse since they made the openings in soda cans bigger, my mouth isn’t that big! cries

Apparently, it’s not working.

I recently realized my increasing dependence on Dihydrogen Monoxide. I drink the stuff almost constantly. I’ve tried to quit, honest I have, but when the withdrawal symptoms get bad, I find myself running back to my trusty bottle. The doc says at this point, it may not even be worth trying to quit. My body’s become to dependant on its DHMO fix. He ran some tests. It seems that a massive percentage of my body is actually composed of the darn stuff and that quitting at this point would probably kill me. :frowning:
Please, oh ye masses. Learn from my mistakes. Don’t use DHMO.

Lemme tell you about my (ex-) Coke habit.

Once upon a time in a city not far away, I loved me some Coca-Cola. In fact, I loved me so much Coca-Cola that I could finish off two cases of 24 in a week. I was building The Great Wall of Coke – quite literally wallpapering my bedroom with Coke cans one by one. (How redneck is that, especially given I have no redneck blood in me whatsoever?) But it was okay, you see, because I was young, indestructable, and had a metabolism that could process seven tons of carbs in two hours flat. Never gained an ounce, felt like a million bucks. And apparently I had absolutely no sense of shame, either.

But then this crusty old bastard named Father Time caught me tromping across his lawn and said, “We’ll have no more of that!” He decimated my metabolism, and within several years the carbs in the Coke, not to mention all the other crap I stuffed my face with, had given me a gut. I presently stand 45 pounds heavier than I used to be – heavier than I should be according to my BMI – and as of earlier this year I have almost completely given up sugary pops (among other things in the Battle of the Bulge). Once in a while I’ll have one, or if I want something but don’t want to pay for it (in calories) I’ll get some kind of diet thing that uses Splenda that has no (significant) calories. I don’t really like drinks with Splenda though because they always taste a bit … off. Mostly though I drink bottled water. (I have water cooler at home too, which makes me more likely to drink it instead of pop – it’s all about removing temptation or offering it a nicer alternative)

Funny thing is, now Coke (and Pepsi) taste kind of odd to me if I haven’t been drinking it in a couple of weeks. Odd in the way that you notice the things you were previously inured to from constantly exposure to it. That sort of helps stave off the desire as well.

I still have my morning, cream-laden coffee mind you, but the rest of the time I need a hot drink it’s tea with skim milk.

My friends have all been talking about my drinking problem. About a year ago I was out at a bar and ordered a vodka/tonic. I nursed it along over a long period. The bartender gave me a fresh drink, which I never finished. For some reason, I just didn’t enjoy alcohol anymore. I began asking people if that had ever happened to them; we all began refering to it as my drinking problem.

Last month, out of the blue, I was cured. I am back to drinking in moderation (using my definition of “moderation” of course).:wink:

Somehow I’ve gotten hooked on Vitamin Water. At $1.50 a bottle on average, this is a totally unacceptable addiction, and I have to break it. And I will. Tomorrow. Or the next day. Just not today. Today I’m gonna score one last time. I’ll quit tomorrow. For sure.


Soda, please.

What restaurant waitstaff does to soda drinkers is tragic, I agree. However, it’s even worse when you’re a tea drinker.

My iced tea chemistry is very basic. One glass = one sweet n low packet.

So when I’m not quite half done with my tea and someone comes along and refills it, all I know for sure is that it won’t be sweet enough left as is and that any attempt to alter it will result in too much pinkity sweetness.

What I’ve learned works pretty well is knocking over every piece of silverware between you and your glass and then clinging to the top of the glass and stating that the drink is, in fact, “the precious” and that you’d prefer if the waitstaff not look at it or get too close. YMMV, of course.

I’ve never liked water - always hated it, but I drink it because it’s good for me and it helps with weight loss. Since getting pregnant, I’ve forced myself to drink it to keep my swelling down - and I’m always thirsty now.

About two months ago, I discovered something called “True Lime”. It’s crystallized lime - no sweeteners, just lime flavoring, and it’s like squeezing a lime into my water. I put two packets in a 24 oz bottle of water, and I can drink that entire bottle in about two minutes. They also make one called “True Lemon”, but it’s not the same - I like the lime-y tartness over the lemon-y tartness.

So now, with the water cooler at work, and always having a gallon of cold water at home, I can drink between 5 and 7 24 oz sport bottles of water as long as I have my lime. I’ve gotten so addicted to it that I carry several packets in my purse at all times. ElzaHub’s gotten used to making an extra trip to the store every so often when I realize that I’m about to run out and I can NOT drink my water without it. I make ice out of lime-flavored water (ice is another addiction, though - I crunch ice now all the time), and eat the ice straight from the tray.

It sure beats my Coke addiction, I’ll admit that.


I went through something like that. About 7-8 years ago I was putting away a lot of soda. Then I found it was keeping me awake at night. I switched to a lot of water and not much else. I would have something every few weeks or so. Then one day I just couldn’t stand the taste of it at all. I don’t think I’ve had a soda in 4-5 years. I do sometimes, as in maybe once or twice a year I will get lemonade or something, but I have to water it down a lot or it’s just too sweet for me.

I still drink both hot and cold tea, though I don’t put much sugar in either. I don’t get how people can drink stuff so sweet now, I even have to water down my juice, as in 1/8 a glass or so of juice and the rest water.

I just need to stop eatting so many cookies.

I don’t drink enough. Several friends have remarked on it, otherwise I never would have thought about it. I don’t like the taste of water…I’ll work out for an hour and not get through an 8 oz bottle.
I’m working on changing that now. I drink a glass of v8 in the morning, and I make sure I finish that bottle after a workout. I try to drink a cup of tea every day as well.

Behold! The Coolest Map I’ve Ever Seen on the Internet[sup]TM[/sup], which maps out the great pop/coke/soda divide(s).

Awesome! Cool linky! :cool:

Indeed ! :eek:

Yep! Oddly enough, that’s what started miss malkavia’s snit fit about ahem “soda”.
It’s so obviously “pop”. We put “soda” in the commercials so the uneducated masses can buy the same thing we’re talking about.

The irony is that soft drinks were originally used to wean people off hard liquor; that’s why they’re called soft drinks.

One thing I’ve heard is that soft drinks are the loss leaders at TGIF-style restaurants. Those places can offer free refills so people stay longer and order more appetizers.

I doubt that they’re loss leaders. Soda is cheap. Even if they were buying it in 2L bottles and serving it up, you’d have to get five or six refills for them to lose money on it. And of course they buy the syrup, which is an order of magnitude cheaper still.

Yep. From my bartending days, I remember nifty machines that took plain tapwater, carbonated it by means of capsules or tanks of gas and then led it through a machine that added either Coke-syrup, Seven-up syrup, Sisi-syrup or any other of the main brands. Before I knew that, I always assumed there were vats of coke standing beneath the bar, because we did have a man-sized tank of beer delivered to the bar’s basement every week or so.