Hi-Jacking Feminism and Gay Science.

Enough games Majees! A young child who pondered the clouds once said:
“…If Jesus loves me St Mathew, why does he make one of ‘wax and wire’ do the job of real human beings? Why am I compelled to tell you that they do not bid the new born Good-Day? Why must I tell you that they murder the ‘unborn child’ by way of definitional fiat? They kill millions of babies with the stroke of a pen. They are smug and laugh at us. We gave them the mouldy bread but; from now on we will give them nothing.!!!”

I hope you enjoyed your brief encounter with me and see the problems we face from the Shelly hoax issue that is detailed on another thread. I have now expelled my duty of care and wish you all a happy and wonderful life. The sort that gave Lewis Carroll the beautiful dreams that impress so many western LA’s.

I bid you all Good-Day!

do you have a link to a column?

The famous feminist and gay expression, based on early 18th Century science, is: “Don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out.”

In this thread: Mary Shelly didn’t write Frankenstein, in the final post (#80):

Your post now indicates that you have come here solely to provoke, and that’s trolling, and the consequence is that we wave good-by as your boat sails off to your own version of a sunset.