One Trick Pony in CoSR

For those who have been wondering where the absolute batshit crazy wingnuts are lately:

I wouldn’t normally think it necessary to Pit a guest who posts only in one thread, but uchtungbaby has gone completely over the edge.

From gay science and the brainwashing of modern feminism to the electricity hoax of the early 19th century to the governance of society by the Hell Fire Club. Then to top things off, he believes John W. Kennedy is being guided by injured sensibilities!

It’s hard to believe that the brain of a human being can actually meld this nonsense into a world view. Of course, there is no empirical evidence that uchtungbaby actually has a brain.

Damn, that is one loony bastard.

Isn’t the Hellfire club a made-up organization that appears in comic books?

No, wait, it’s not. It’s… worse. And defintiely NSFW. Google “Hellfire Club” and see what comes up.

It was pretty obvious to me that this guest is a nutjob with an agenda. Why have people been feeding him/her/it?

uchtung, baby, you are an idiot. Plain & simple.

To be fair, John’s first post started off with a comment about “imbeciles”. Why John wanted to be fair, I dunno.

The assertion that imbeciles exist at all is just further proof that gay science and feminist revisionism have seeped into the SDMB.

HSHP, I thought I knew all the board acronyms.

What the bloody boinking buggers does NSFW mean? I’ve never used any phrase that I can repeat with those letters.

Help! It’s driving me sane!

Well, I’ve found the other parts of the thread facinating. How a Regency woman could have gotten scientific knowledge, early Western women writers, Mary Shelley’s interesting family life. Someone just posted a link about Dr. James Berry. Love this stuff.

That doesn’t keep the OP from being a batshit crazy wingnut.

Not Safe For Work.

Not Safe For Work.

Wow. Freudian.

Yet another player in the “One burger shy of a happy meal band.”

Spike Jones fan? :wink:

With all due respect to Dex, it seems to me that anson2995’s comment that the OP “doesn’t know anything about anything” was much more in the nature of an observation than an insult per se.

What is “gay science”?

I don’t know but Oingo Boingo keeps chanting it in my brain.

It’s essentially the same as “straight science,” but the lab coats are FABULOUS :smiley:

Seriously, this uchtung entity has gone totally bursar.

I agree with Colibri.
Unless you’re into the gay scinece and feminist revisionism of “new math” and "“indigoism,” pointing out that one plus one is NOT “cheese fries” is an observation, not an insult.

Not only that, but apparently, modern genetics is a ruse of “gay science” and the feminists, designed to scare heterosexuals out of breeding! For example, Huntington’s Chorea is not a genetic disease at all, just a post-hypnotic suggestion!

Here , here , and here.

You’re a fucking nutter, utchtungbaby. Try some meds.