Ladies! FIGHT gay marriage!

The gays are just that good and will take your men!

This is either a joke or they’re really getting desperate!

On the other hand, as a straight guy I should support gay marriage, because it pulls more gay men out of competition for the women.:wink:

By that token, shouldn’t we be FIGHTING religion because monks are out of the dating pool ?

They terk our men!!!

They terk yer men!!!

A buddy of mine lived in San Francisco for a while. He said that as a straight man, it was great - all the good-looking guys and all the homely women were homosexual.

I don’t think it’s a joke, and I’m very surprised that this fellow blogs on beliefnet. I guess it takes all kinds.

Interesting that his main source of support is the Classical canon, though he ignores the contrary evidence found in writers like Aristophanes.

On the other hand, I can certainly see why some gay men may well be heartened by Klinghoffer’s assertion that, essentially, once you’ve had men you’ll never go back.

OK, I just read his article, and it boils down to this: the souce of sexual satisfaction is the penis. If it’s socially acceptable for men to have homosexual relationships, they they’ll get all the penises and there won’t be any left for the women, who will be sexually unsatisfied since two women together don’t have a penis to use!

I think David Klinghoffer needs to come out of the closet; he sounds repressed.

In case you don’t know, Klinghoffer usually writes in support of Intelligent Design and writes for the Discovery Institute’s blog.

Slight thread drift: San Francisco IS great for straight men. In most cities, there’s a certain social dance in mileux where a lot of gay people are found. In SF, folks just ask “Are you queer?” Quite refreshing, really.

(Broad generalizations below.)

What an odd, odd article. I’ve always sensed some jealousy in homophobia, a feeling that some (ostensibly straight) men think it’s unfair that gay men can have all the mutually pleasurable, no strings attached sex they want and lesbians can basically re-enact their favorite porn scenes at will while straight men are stuck putting some effort into both courting and sex. Also explains slut shaming.

Hey! That’s why I support it!


Lesbianism should be banned though…

What do you have against lesbians?

Damn right – I had my heart set on marrying a closeted gay man!

The ingratitude!

As you can see, Judaism has its share of whack-a-loons…

No, it should be encouraged! And, umm…studied. I’ll be the archivist!

Well…I support Gay men being married because it takes 2 males out of the competition…so 2 females being together…? You figure it out :slight_smile:

{edit…I guess if they are fat and ugly it would be ok}


You know, I find it amusing that he seems to think that guys would find homosexuality sooo much more attractive than heterosexuality. Hmmmm…

You tend to see that argument a lot from religious types: “Gay sex is so unbelievably hot that anyone who experiences it will be hooked–just like heroin, really. So we have to do everything we can to prevent that first gay experience, so the boys don’t know what they’re missing and will settle for boring vagina. Give em one taste of cock and they won’t be able to think about anything else, and western civilization is finished.”

Yeah, that part was really strange.