Hi. Remember me?

It’s been a while, but after re-lurking for a week or so, I realized how much I’ve missed this place. Either way, it’s good to be back.
Yours truly,
PS. A big thank you to all who has sent me e-mails during my time off. And a big sorry to all of you I didn’t respond to.

Hey, pop!

Great to have yer effervescent personality and bubbly demeanor back on the board!

hi soda :slight_smile:

Hej soda!

I was just thinking about you last week or so. (Don’t worry, it was a PG-rated thinking-about-you. ;))

I got to visit your beautiful country last November and truly enjoyed it. I thought of you, then, too.

Welcome back.

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hi soda. welcome back!

Hi soda! How ya doin’?

Nu var har du varit?! Jag är glad att se atr du har kommit tillbaka :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!
Good to see that some people still remember me, I feel as if it’s been years since my last visit.
Hey, Montfort, what’s with you and Anniz? I guess I’ve missed some really interesting stuff. I’ve meant to e-mail you a million times or so, but I guess I suck…

Let’s just say I found your Ask the Swedish Chick thread to be useful … research. :slight_smile:

And, 'sok you never e-mailed me. I thought about writing you, again, but figured “no, she wants her space.”

I’m really glad you’re back. The SDMB needs as many Swedish chicks as it can get!

soda! I was thinking about you the other day! I even mentioned you on the boards. How are you? Feeling better?

Oh, and us EuroTrash are having another meeting, this time in Amsterdam. We’d sure love it if you could make it!

Hugs and happy giggles!


tatertot, I’d love to come to Amsterdam, but as usual, money’s tight. I’ll buy a lottery ticket and if I win, I’ll join you. If I win big, I’ll book us all into a cool penthouse suite.
So… I was mentioned? Where? (I’m such a narcissist!) :slight_smile: